In this eBook you will learn:

  • The Basics of SEO
  • How Search Engines Operate
  • Highlighting Major Search Engines
  • 6 Tactics To Rank Higher in Search Engines

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Topics Covered In The eBook

Overview of Search Engine Optimization

This guide explains the importance of an effective SEO technique which makes your website a successful operation in long run.

Search Engines Operating Procedure

Search Engine takes up numerous mathematical equations of hundreds of ranking factors and publishes the best ones in search engine results.

Major Search Engines

Learn which search engine is being followed by webmasters these days for highest possible rankings.

6 Tactics to Rank Higher in Search Engines

This guide is designed to elaborate all major key points for an effective SEO -from finding the appropriate keywords to gather traffic to your website, building links and marketing the uniqueness of your website ; hence making your website friendly to search engines.

  • Thanks for these tips, I wanted to know if meta tags and descriptions still work in SEO.

    Naman Modi
    Naman Modi CEO & Founder, PunchPixels
  • SEO professionals better know what kind of tools are the best to be put on use. Some people go for manual SEO and some use softwares, but personally I prefer doing manual SEO as these days Google is developing new analogues and clearing out spam backlinks, but still some people use cheap SEO techniques to suit their requirements. But if people like you keep on creating awareness like this, then it would be the most awesome thing.

    Ankita Anand
    Ankita Anand Creative Head & Content Writer, Febreesia
  • I completely agree to this. Offsite SEO used to work earlier but now no longer. Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing is the key used these days and highly recommended tool.

    Vijay Modi
    Vijay Modi
  • Agree with you, clean SEO takes time to get the right kind of effect. But slowly it surely works. You just have to think on long term basis. But I believe, still people would like to mix all the things up to get the ready results. But if it is accepted by Google in all terms, then it’s worth the investment.

    Villion Bajra
    Villion Bajra
  • Thanks for enlightening me as had zero knowledge of SEO. Really an interesting article.

    Rahul Giri
    Rahul Giri
  • This article indeed has some great points, like it’s most important to write great content backed by a mobile friendly site. It is really essential to write quality content which provides value to its readers. If people are writing only about themselves without providing value, their site would be overlooked by all.

    Ankit Gupta
    Ankit Gupta

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