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Pay Per Click


pay per click


through sponsored links. It is one of most valuable form of marketing that you can keep track of, as it will let you evaluate if you are reaching your online audience or not. PPC advertisements are displayed on different parts of results pages that appear as result of specified keywords. However, cost is only paid when end user click on these sponsored links and cost is made on basis of per click.

However, with right resources and proper management you can achieve better ranking and for that you also have to pay less than your rivals. To accommodate this need of online business, we offer exclusive PPC advertising services at eBuilderz. Our approach for PPC advertising is devised to achieve desired results through translucent campaign that enable our clients to determine our success through achieved targets. Our proactive strategy used for this purpose is deployed and improved with continuous customization according to needs of market.


Aim And Objectives

The first step of our strategy is to help our customer define objectives they want to achieve with PPC advertising and their target market. We ensure that our devised strategy is provided at reasonable cost per click also represented as CPC.

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Keyword Analysis And Research

We know the vital relationship of PPC and target keywords therefore; we conduct comprehensive keyword analysis and research for keywords and phrases that relate to your business or products. Using these keywords effectively in copy of your advertisement we ensure that through lucrative advertisement we not only enhance your rankings but also traffic for your online business.

Continuous Optimization

Our strategy is based on continuous optimization that includes keyword expansion, testing of ad copy, optimization of landing page and bid adjustment automatically or manually.

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Reporting Along With Tracking

With effective tracking tools like Google Analytics to more refined and customize solution of bid management and tracking our corporate clients can monitor and analyze PPC campaign and keyword analysis and optimization.

Whether you are looking for reliable and effective PPC advertising services or your existing services are not offering required results, we are there to accommodate all clients with any budget available.


with our services our clients can achieve following advantages:

  • With overhauling account services, our clients are ready to hit the ground more effectively. New accounts are restructured with present data of our clients integrated with our extensive experience and research knowledge.
  • Our PPC account services ensure high profits for our clients as we target only relevant market and ensure that potential buyers will land on your website only.
  • We ensure savings on cost per click for our customers through specialized management process that make sure that you can secure best ranking on search engines for every keyword at lowest PPC cost.
  • With close coordination with Google and its resources we facilitate our clients with best possible resources on hand.
  • We dedicate individual account manager for each PPC campaigns. No matter what your problem is and how complex the situation is, our account managers are there to track your campaigns on per day basis and to answer your queries.
  • We make sure that ROI of our clients are in safe hand and our clients can enjoy consistent growth in their ROI with us.
  • Our decisions are not based on any assumptions but we make sound decisions on basis of facts and figures.
  • With Google Analytics and other resources we monitor your website activity and determine reaction of visitors to improve our campaign whenever needed.
  • We believe that no strategy can last forever; therefore with daily monitoring we optimize our campaign processes with change in keywords and bid management.

We ensure our clients can enjoy complete peace of mind and also develop understanding for all procedures even to naïve clients
of internet marketing. Our expert resources develop close interaction with our clients to abstain any confusion or insecurities.

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