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Grom Audio – Mobile APP Design


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As one of the leading manufacturers and professional developers of high quality in-car Multimedia Integration Systems, GROM takes pride in providing a variety of car integration kits which supports all mobile devices, tablets, iPhone/iPod, MP3 players and USB’s. Thereby, giving privilege to music lovers to enjoy their own music library disregarding the limitations of their car stereo.


In order to spread their services through mobile phones and tablets, GROM Audio entrusted eBuilderz with the responsibility of designing their mobile app which not only easy to access but also covers all the major components as available on their website.


eBuilderz with the help of their world class designers, designed 5 screen designs for their mobile app covering all the major integration systems as provided GROM Audio. The application was designed for iPad Resolution with no compatibility issues and hence improving clicks to conversion ratios.

grom mobile ui media page albums Mockup
grom mobile ui media page artist selected Mockup
grom mobile ui media page artists Mockup
grom mobile ui media page artists UPDATE 2 Mockup
grom mobile ui media page details UPDATE 1 Mockup
grom mobile ui media page folder UPDATE 1 Mockup


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