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Israel Story is a radio initiative aimed at telling nonfiction and thought provoking stories all about Israeli life. They are experts in depicting stories of distinct and diverse Israel with the best representation of their narratives which have not been heard or aired before.


In order to generate interests among their listeners, Israel Story assigned us the task of designing and developing an artistic website giving it a conventional look showcasing the culture of Isaelis. The most challenging part of this project is to collect all the audio’s from their SoundCloud Account using the APIs.


After scrutinizing the requirements of our client, eBuilderz expert team designed and developed 10 pages for their website giving it a classical and traditional look, fully imbibing all necessary audio/visuals required to make a comprehensive website. Website was developed using WordPress as its base, making it fully responsive on all mobile devices and screen widths. We implemented a custom player which collects all the audio files from Israel Story’s Sound Cloud Account through APIs. One Audio can be divided easily into different parts by simply putting track number and intervals from the backend. Lot of other custom features were also implemented based on the client requirements.

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