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Digital Marketing Strategy Agency

Build a Clear Roadmap to Online Growth

You Know What You? Want,
But You're Not Sure How to Get There

We Ensure You Don't Take the Wrong Turn En Route to Success

Our digital marketing agency will help you build a robust digital marketing strategy framework for your business. With eBuilderz digital marketing Agency’s marketing strategy services, we will get your digital marketing campaign moving in no time.





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Why You Need to Start With Strategy

Increase Your Revenue by Uncovering Market Opportunities

Many online businesses have failed because they don’t embrace Internet marketing strategies. Such brands use a lot of money, time, and resources, but their businesses remain dormant. Using an improper marketing plan to market your brand won’t give you the results you are looking for.

Growing a business in today’s world comes with many challenges. These challenges are hidden digital marketing opportunities that brands find and exploit. A particular digital marketing strategy may work well for your business but fail in another. The same applies to an internet marketing strategy that produced positive results a year ago. If you try to use the same strategy now, it may not work. A profitable business may fail if an outdated online marketing strategy is used too often. Do you have a digital marketing strategy that produces good, excellent results? Here is an opportunity that you can’t afford to miss if you want to boost your digital performance. You can take your business to the next level by investing in effective digital marketing services.


An Effective Digital MarketingStrategy Makes it Easier for You To

  • Spot marketing gaps
  • Improve audience targeting
  • Scale your business
  • Generate better, faster revenue
  • Compete with industry giants
  • Reach out to a wider target market 
  • Save time, money, and resources
  • Increase traffic, leads, and conversions
  • Take appropriate actions
  • Accomplish business goals
  • Manage your financial resources
  • Build brand awareness and discover more opportunities
  • Monitor campaign performance and brand success
  • Build a brand reputation

If You Don't Have A Well-Defined Online Marketing Strategy, You Fail To:

  • Build your customer base
  • Define clear goals
  • Deliver sales leads
  • Grow your industry expertise
  • Establish brand confidence
  • Outperform your competitors
  • Increase traffic flows and conversions
  • Grow your sales pipeline
  • Offer excellent customer service
  • Engage with prospects across platforms
  • Capitalize on marketing trends and sales opportunities
  • Wisely spend your digital marketing budget 
  • Identify and fix digital marketing mistakes
  • Identify available marketing channels

When running your business, the biggest mistake is to jump straight into implementation without a well-structured online marketing strategy. You can simply eliminate the confusion and frustration by optimizing your website processes and performance. Partnering with eBuilderz digital marketing agency services will allow you to capitalize on our custom digital strategy services.

You, Will, Go Through Challenges Along the Way,

But We Guide You to a Clear Path Define Your Long-term Goals and Achieve Them

Creating action plans and roadmaps to guide marketers and brand owners to achieve their online marketing goals is called digital marketing strategy development. Every industry leader needs a well-defined online presence. Not only does it help to carry on operations and attain business goals, but it also helps to secure a competitive position online. Unfortunately, many marketers ignore coming up with a solid digital marketing strategy and choose to dive into search engine marketing (SEM). The saying goes: “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” making this a bad move. If you choose not to have an effective digital marketing plan, you will have difficulty implementing other digital marketing efforts, including search engine optimization (SEO). This means that you will not achieve a desirable return on investment (ROI). 

Get Desired Results

eBuilderz's Strategy Approach

Visualize a Clear Marketing Direction


The online internet marketing consulting services that eBuilderz offers are crafted to help brands get from one point A, an existing marketing position, to point B, a competitive industry standing. 

As a business owner, all you need to know is where your brand stands in the sales-marketing spectrum. You also need to understand your current online marketing approach to gauge its effectiveness. Consultants can research and analyze your market challenges with our digital marketing strategy. This allows us to create data-driven recommendations that make it easy for clients to achieve their goals.

An effective marketing strategy will only work if it has a clearly defined objective. Setting up goals makes it easier to gauge your success. You will also understand better the repercussions of your choices and rearrange your priorities. With our online marketing strategy company, determining your primary goals will help you head in the right direction. 

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Still not seeing the desired results even after rolling out your digital marketing company near me? Our digital marketing agency will ensure that your efforts generate desired results by helping you develop a strategic marketing plan. You get in touch with our digital strategy company for effective strategic solutions based on your digital marketing needs. 

We Help You Decide Which Approach Is Right for You

We Zero In on the Digital Marketing Services That Fit Your Business

Which marketing approach works well for your brand? You can count on the eBuilderz digital marketing agency to address your primary objectives by developing a unified digital marketing strategy plan. Based on your online marketing needs, capacity, and budget, we have several components to make meeting your goals easier. These are some of them:


Website Audit Services

One of the critical aspects of SEO marketing strategies is site auditing. Website audits also play an important role in other digital strategy services. Our digital strategy company seeks to achieve by carrying out an in-depth web audit is to know your brand's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). This involves site security audit, market gap analysis, penalty and recovery site audit, website SEO analysis, site security audit, and competitor website audit. Our website audit experts also analyze other aspects, including backlink profiles, duplicate content, and negative SEO practices. We help clients achieve their online marketing goals by spotting problems and solving them.


SEO strategies

eBuilderz digital marketing agency allows our clients to establish their thought-leadership brands and build better customer relationships. This is done because of the category of our complete SEO strategy and SEO audit services. Running an extensive SEO site audit allows our SEO audit agency to establish what you need to prioritize regarding off-page SEO and on-page SEO strategies. Measuring and follow the success of your SEO and content strategy is also part of our digital marketing services. We will form an effective SEO strategy once we get the results of the SEO website audit. This strategy will devise a way to increase your search volume, traffic, leads, and conversions in a period of time.


SEO Keyword Strategy

With our effective SEO keyword strategy, you can amplify your market reach by connecting your brand with your target audience. Determining brand-related keywords that are top-performing requires advanced SEO audits. eBuilderz also leverages search phrases to narrow the search based on user intent. Since keyword research affects both SEO content strategy and other aspects of your web optimization efforts, we always back our SEO keyword strategy with reliable SEO audit results.


SEO Content Strategy

eBuilderz has a team of highly qualified SEO experts that determines the pain points and needs of your target audience. The team also looks for reading preferences and subject matter before outlining a content strategy SEO plan. We also have SEO content strategy specialists who also audit SEO site content. Using data from your website SEO analysis, this is done to identify unique content angles while providing suitable content and SEO strategy. Web content analysis is very important if you want to come up with a list of potential blog topics. eBuilderz always delivers when it comes to performing a content SEO audit, developing page authority, and creating compelling content.


PPC Strategy

Do you want to improve on your Facebook ads strategy, PPC audit, or Google AdWords strategy? eBuilderz will help you achieve that with its paid search strategy. We have been in this industry for over ten years now, and we have helped hundreds of businesses and brands to structure their PPC strategy. We always create an effective Google AdWords strategy that increases brand awareness, leads, and repeat sales. We also help many clients to carry out their monthly Facebook ads strategy implementation, monthly PPC audit and paid search strategy development. If you want our services to analyze the competition, define your PPC strategy budget and goals, or create an AdWords strategy, you can simply call us.


SEM Strategy

We are your best shot if you want us to improve your SEO marketing strategy or PPC audit. You can rely on PPC and SEO audit experts to develop an SEM strategy that works very well to improve your digital marketing effectiveness within your budget. Among the services that we offer are keyword research analysis, SEO audits, performing keyword research analysis, evaluating your existing SEM strategy, and audits and SEO and PPC campaign metrics. Doing all these allows us to increase brand recognition by integrating PPC and SEO marketing strategies. It also helps by narrowing down your target audience for measurable growth. You can begin by scheduling a consultation with our online digital marketing agency.


Amazon Marketing Strategy

Create and execute an effective Amazon marketing strategy that will allow you to dominate the Amazon marketplace. You can relax and focus on your core business by allowing our online strategy consultant to your Amazon advertising and branding strategy. With our Amazon PPC strategy, you can cater to the interest of your consumers and tap into your target audience segments. You can also count on our team to improve your storefront by presenting a data-driven Amazon branding strategy. Regardless of the season, we can help you optimize product pages and drive sales. 


Social Media Strategy Services

eBuilderz cares about your business. That is why we always help our clients utilize the right platforms to put your brand in front of a wider audience scope. Our social media marketing business plan includes business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B). Our social media experts' services include performing competitor benchmarking and evaluating the existing social media marketing plan. This helps to identify relevant social media channels and determine buyer persona. Our social media experts also ensure that your cross-channel campaigns do not go beyond the digital marketing strategy budget. We do this by coming up with effective social media marketing strategy guidelines.


Link Building Strategy

Are you content with how your current SEO link strategy increases your site traffic and building site authority? If you are not, you can let eBuilderz perform a comprehensive SEO website audit. As part of our services, we will help you develop an effective SEO keyword research strategy and determine white-hat link-building strategies. All our keyword recommendations follow Google standards, and you can rely on us to generate high-authority backlinks. We will also help you analyze your competitors' link-building strategies for greater revenue opportunities. Contact our SEO link strategy agency for results-driven link-building options. 


Reputation Management Strategy

Have you used various reputation management strategies? Have they given you the desired results? If you are still stuck with a negative brand image, you can salvage the situation by letting eBuilderz help you come up with effective reputation management strategies. We will help you rebuild your business confidence by regaining customer trust and protecting your brand. As a business owner, you can rely on our reputation management strategy to set your goals, track brand mentions across online channels, define boundaries and limitations, and evaluate your existing digital presence. Doing this helps to come up with guidelines to deal with your online reputation. Our company uses state-of-the-art reputation management software capable of monitoring reputation management strategies and streamlining implementation.


eCommerce Marketing Plan

Capitalize on our eCommerce marketing strategy services that allow you to have broader eCommerce strategy solutions. These solutions include Amazon's PPC strategy, Walmart Marketplace strategy, Shopify marketing strategy, and Target Plus Marketplace strategy. We always review your product pages and conduct an initial SEO site audit, which helps us determine sales growth and market expansion opportunities. Our dedicated eCommerce marketing strategy experts help to identify other options. These options help to promote products and reach out to new customers. They include social media content strategy, email marketing strategy, and paid search strategy.


Franchise Marketing strategies

Do you want a franchise marketing plan for your multiple-location business and a unified enterprise SEO strategy? With our enterprise marketing strategy agency, you can ensure brand consistency across your service locations by creating franchise marketing strategy guidelines and brand identity. We also utilize source location-specific keywords and SEO audit services and provide blog topic recommendations to help clients create effective corporate marketing plans. Doing all these also helps to boost audience engagement. Our digital strategy agency has all you need to develop a results-driven enterprise marketing strategy and implement an SEO strategy.

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Our Marketing Strategy Agency

Considers Your Unique Industry

Choose a Reliable Firm That Maps Out Every Step

Due to the numerous marketing strategy agencies that claim to offer effective services, it can be challenging to find the right agency. Many companies fall into the hands of digital marketing strategy agencies that hardly deliver on their promises. Before deciding which company you want to settle for, do plenty of research first. 

Are you in doubt about your enterprise marketing strategy? Looking for a credible social media strategy agency to manage your digital marketing planning? Want to increase or find investors?

Here are six factors that you need to consider when selecting a digital strategy firm:

A reliable marketing strategy firm can manage a full digital marketing audit. Such a company also offers transparent site audit results and fixes technical issues and website processes. Moreover, a reputable agency will utilize advanced SEO audit tools. Doing this helps to ensure that all recommendations and campaign details are accurate. Relying on eBuilderz, allows you to understand technical jargon and make sense of audit reports. This ensures that you are knowledgeable of what is happening to your campaign and where your money is going. 

With so many marketers entering the eCommerce marketplace, only a handful of them is knowledgeable of its limitations, potential, and demands. Suppose you are still solidifying your social media marketing plan or building your eCommerce strategy for your online store. In that case, you need to work with a digital marketing strategy agency with years of eCommerce optimization experience. eBuilderz has over 13 years of experience in eCommerce web design, SEO, eCommerce PPC, and various eCommerce marketing strategy development areas.

Suppose you are a third-party retailer on Target Plus, Amazon, or Walmart Marketplace. In that case, you need to ensure that your profitability is improved using an Amazon marketing strategy that adheres to the standards of the marketplace. You need to partner with a digital marketing strategy agency that clearly understands the restrictions and demands of various online marketplace platforms. Additionally, you need to look for a partner that has the experience and abs expertise to create and implement an effective Amazon branding strategy, Amazon PPC strategy, and online marketplace advertising plans.

Do you offer services to decision-makers, other businesses, consumers, or investors? If so, you need to look for a reliable and trustworthy digital strategy consultant who can create digital marketing techniques and a social media marketing business plan that can suit all kinds of client demands. In other words, the agency needs to be flexible enough to conform to the changing market conditions. You can count on eBuilderz internet marketing strategy agency to help you develop other digital marketing strategies, including a B2C social media strategy or a B2B social media strategy.

Since we are an experienced local SEO company, we understand that local SEO for small businesses offers a great opportunity to reach your target audience. A holistic approach to local digital marketing will allow you to market and advertise effectively. eBuilderz offers comprehensive local digital marketing services to enhance your potential in the local market. We’ve got you covered, whether you require local citations service, Google My Business services, social media marketing solutions, or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Stay away from a digital strategy agency that goes straight into search optimization without tackling web design and responsive issues. A good internet strategy consultant will check every aspect of your SEO performance and web design to establish all factors that make it hard to access your website and distort your online growth. You can rely on eBuilderz to help you tackle the important tasks and develop effective SEO website strategy recommendations.

A Digital Strategy Firm That Delivers

Strengthen Your Brand and Gain a Competitive Edge

Whether you need help running a multiple-location business, an enterprise, or a startup, eBuilderz will help you come up with an effective corporate marketing strategy. We offer digital marketing strategies that meet every demand of your business. Here is an overview of what we have accomplished in the 13 years that we have been in business. This overview will paint a clear picture of how our online marketing consulting services can improve your overall market standing and existing metrics. 

A Modern Strategy Points You in the Right Direction

We Identify Exactly Which Areas Need Attention

eBuilderz online marketing strategy agency has been there since 2005. We continue to help thousands of clients who work in various industries around the world with our effective digital and SEO marketing strategies. Our years of experience allow us to know what every company requires, and therefore, we purposefully serve them by offering unique solutions.

6 Key Areas of Focus for Digital Marketing Strategy Development

We ensure that each digital marketing plan is tailored to meet your brand's requirements by asking you to accomplish a self-assessment questionnaire based on six core areas:

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Brand and Business

You are analyzing your website's level of your digital presence, such as online reputation, competitive position, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Our Clients Come First icon

Content and Engagement

Evaluate your email marketing strategy, brand engagement, social media marketing strategy, content strategy, SEO performance, etc.

Proven Track Record icon

Internal Team or Partners

Determines your capacity to perform necessary web optimization processes and generate online marketing ideas.


Technology and Software Integration

Identifies major challenges in your organization by tracking campaign performance metrics.


Lead Sources

Determines the availability of essential marketing channels and your key traffic sources.


Success Measurement

Evaluate the performance of your marketing campaign performance according to customer lifetime value (CLV), website traffic, and lead volum

eBuilderz SEO service consultant also helps rate your site’s performance to find gaps in the score between eBuilderz and your self-assessment. What guides us is the benchmark data that we have established. The benchmark data allows us to know your position in your niche industry, growth phase, and geographic location. We also use it to establish your strengths and opportunities for digital marketing improvements before the implementation process. We are convinced that emphasizing these six areas will put your business in the best place for success. If you have any queries that touch on our internet marketing consulting services, you can contact our marketing strategy company today.

eBuilderz's Growth Formula Delivers

The Most Effective Results

Drive Gains at Both Ends of Your Sales Funnel

eBuilderz Digital marketing Agency is all about relationships and results. We have developed a growth formula to ensure our combined digital marketing attracts leads and turns visitors into loyal clients. If you choose to team up with us, we will boost your entrepreneurial confidence by improving your bottom line using our well-thought-out marketing strategy plan.

unnamed 3


Marketing strategy development is the first and the most relevant part of the growth formula. We start with strategy first because we know that a strong business relationship is established by choosing to understand the clients’ goals. This will make it easier to spot marketing gaps and existing digital performance. It is also necessary to tailor your digital marketing plan based on your unique needs and capacity by supporting your digital transformation, goal achievement, and online growth. Creating an all-inclusive web marketing strategy requires us to establish your goal early enough and identify your target audience. Doing this allows you to address your marketing challenges and capture every sales funnel stage.



The essential goal of digital marketing strategy development is to attract your ideal client segments. With our digital marketing strategy consultant, you can determine the necessary channels and layout for your customer journey map. This will lead your potential clients to your brand.

This part includes

  • Pay-per-click advertising 
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO audit service
  • SEO content marketing


After capturing the interest of your target audience, what follows next is to re-engage your followers and convert site visitors into leads. With our digital marketing strategy agency, you can prioritize improving your lead conversion rate by enumerating the online marketing components.

This part includes

  • Landing pages
  • Customer-centric
  • content marketing 
  • Calls-to-action (CTAs)


Transforming visitors into paying customers is the closing stage. We have come up with an internet marketing plan that will allow you to close your sales-qualified leads (SQLs). This plan includes digital marketing techniques and actionable insights for highlighting your unique value proposition (UVP). This plan will also allow you to move prospects to the bottom of your sales funnel.



A digital marketing strategy refers to a plan meant to help a business or an organization achieve certain set goals. eBuilderz uses marketing channels that are carefully selected when implementing our strategies. These include paid, earned, and owned media.

This part includes

  • Social media monitoring
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Lead nurturing

This part includes

  • SEO
  • Reputation management
  • Email market
  • Social media monitoring

What we want to accomplish is increase your month-over-month (MoM) growth rates. This helps to launch an effective online marketing strategy. Through this, you can create a community of brand promoters and advocates. Being a digital strategy agency, all this is done by approaching online marketing strategy planning carefully.

eBuilderz's Marketing Strategy Process

A Healthy Money Tree Needs Nurturing From the Roots to the Branches

eBuilderz is a dedicated marketing strategy consultant that treats partnership like a money tree that needs nurturing. The needs of our clients are prioritized when offering digital marketing strategy services. We do this by creating a data-driven digital marketing strategy that is bound to yield more fruit in the long run. There are three crucial stages that we often use to strengthen our money tree:

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Collection Information, Interviews, and Assessments Being a reputable marketing strategy agency, we usually do an in-depth campaign evaluation and website SEO analysis. This helps to determine other technical SEO factors, such as your key traffic sources, that affect the stability and health of your brand's digital presence. This includes:

Our Clients Come First icon


Analysis and Recommendations The second phase of the online marketing plan is all about checking abs evaluating the key metrics from Phase 1. Doing this will help to determine an effective approach to optimize your:

  • Site speed
  • Trust signals
  • Google My Business (GMB) or Google Business Profile listings
  • Server settings
  • 404 error pages
  • Backlink profile and spam score
  • Site architecture
  • SEO keyword strategy
  • Email marketing performance
  • Content strategy SEO
  • Social profiles
  • Calls-to-action (CTAs)
  • Landing pages

This phase is essential because it helps you to establish helpful metrics that are related to your KPIs and top-level goals. It also helps to ensure all ad accounts are connected into Google reporting and also verify if tracking software is properly set up.

Our aim is to come up with effective digital marketing strategies that cater to your buyer persona, offer the best possible user experience (UX), produce the highest ROI, and boost your organic traffic growth.

Why Partner With Our


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eBuilderz is more than your average internet marketing strategy agency. Everything that we use and employ in our company is all about excellence. The tech that we use and the expertise that we have makes us the best at what we do. This helps us meet the requirements of SEO best practices and industry standards. We are convinced that websites are critical tools that allow us to reach target audiences anywhere and open businesses to the rest of the world. This allows us to create in-depth SEO efforts to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Our Clients Come First icon


Driving traffic into your website is not all that matters to us. We are also concerned about what your clients think about your business or brand. Establishing trust is what your visitors need to do before they can decide to buy anything from you. What eBuilders prioritize is making your website discoverable and easy to access by search engines and visitors. We achieve this by creating relevant and informative web content. We offer our clients highly optimized web content. It will only take a few months for you to start seeing the effectiveness of our SEO efforts. Your website will start ranking higher, and your organic traffic on your website will also increase.

Proven Track Record icon


Our excellent work testifies how awesome we are at what we do. It is very hard to find an online marketing strategy agency that offers exemplary services like eBuilderz. We have a wealth of experience because we have been around for more than a decade now. From the long list of clients that are willing to attest to our brilliance, you can tell that we know what we are doing.



Our web content is of high quality and will make it easier for your users and search engines to find your business. The content is also relevant to the products and services that you are offering; this makes it quite helpful for your business.



When you are looking for an online marketing strategy agency, you need to know if they use, utilize, and implement effective strategies. eBuilderz's success is attributed to properly laid down strategies. We serve all our clients diligently because we have common interests.



Many companies and businesses have put their trust in our agency. We care very much about our reputation that is why we take our work very seriously. No matter where our clients come from, they are always satisfied with our delivery.

Honesty and Transparency Is Our Policy icon


You can count on eBuilderz to deliver honest and transparent SEO strategies. We don't believe in taking shortcuts to make your business thrive. That is why we stay away from black hat SEO techniques that often lead to Google penalties. All our SEO techniques are white hat, meaning that we will carefully put your business on top one step at a time.

Data Driven Results icon


We are successful because we are constantly researching how to improve our SEO efforts and strategies. We don't just rush to implement any SEO strategy without proper research. The first thing that we do is ask our clients about their business goals and what they want to achieve from our internet marketing strategy services. Once we know what you desire from our services, we will craft our SEO efforts based on your needs. All data provided to us by our clients are well taken care of and protected.

Want to Grow Your Business with a


Get on board with the best digital marketing agency to stay ahead of your competitors.


A digital marketing strategy refers to a plan meant to help a business or an organization achieve certain set goals. eBuilderz uses marketing channels that are carefully selected when implementing our strategies. These include paid, earned, and owned media.

  • One of today’s most effective marketing initiatives is Search engine optimization (SEO). 
  • Social media marketing. 
  • Content marketing. 
  • Video marketing.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. 
  • Email marketing. 
  • Voice search optimization.

The four kinds of digital marketing that you need to consider in this day and age include:

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Content Marketing. 
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are five areas of marketing that you need to consider in your business include:

  • Product 
  • Price 
  • Promotion 
  • Place 
  • People

The main function of a digital strategy is to use technology to enhance performance on a website or business. You can create new products or reimage current processes and images. It is used to identify the direction a brand or business will take to develop new competitive benefits with technology. It also reveals the path or tactics a business will use to realize these changes. 

  • Video Marketing. 
  • Be Persuasive. 
  • Content Marketing. 
  • Data / Analytics. 
  • Understand Design Thinking & Planning. 
  • Highlight Your Unusual Skills.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM). 
  • Be Tech-Savvy.
  • Content Marketing. 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • Pay-per-Click (PPC) 
  • Email Marketing. 
  • Mobile Marketing. 
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Marketing Analytics. 
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  1. Learn Digital Marketing Essentials.
  2. Build Team Management Skills.
  3. Work as an SEO Expert.
  4. Master PPC Advertising.
  5. Implement Content Marketing Campaigns.
  6. Learn How Email Marketing works.
  7. Build Social Media Marketing Skills.
  8. Learn How to use Reporting tools for Data Analysis.

Of course, digital marketing is a lucrative career. A digital marketer gets paid about INR 2,50,000 to 5,00,000 monthly salary for an executive position. If you are in a managerial position, you can receive a monthly starting salary of about INR 8,00,000 to 10,00,000.

To start a career in digital marketing as a digital advertiser, you don’t need any coding background upfront or programming abilities. Many marketers don’t view coding as a fundamental requirement in the ability sets of a digital marketer.

  • Viral Marketing
  • Content Marketing.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC). 
  • Influencer Marketing.
  • Mobile Marketing.

If you want to advertise your website, you can use these three mainstream advertising channels: SEO, SEM, and SMM. The newest of the three is SMM, which stands for Social Media Marketing. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, and SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Social Media Advertising (SMA) is when you advertise your business via social media. This is when a marketer posts ads to appear on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. They are often used to promote products, brands, or services.

“SMS” simply means “short message service” when it comes to marketing; SMS is all about brands communicating with customers via text messages. The SMS could be about promotions, campaigns, updates, news, and more.

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