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Ecommerce optimizations services

Take your eCommerce website to the next level

What is eCommerce optimization?

Every aspect of your website should be designed to lead visitors to purchase products or services intentionally. These include navigation, design, content, and product descriptions. eCommerce optimization offers an easier way for visitors to convert into customers because it allows you to improve your website holistically.
Knowing what needs to change or be added may be challenging because conversion rate optimization is complex and detailed. To know exactly what needs to change, you must carry out a thorough CRO audit. We have vast knowledge and experience in SEO and web design from the ten years we've been in the business. You can count on our team to enhance the customer's experience on your website by improving every aspect of your website.





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It is a fact that online sales contribute a lot to producing revenue. But, unfortunately, only 28 percent of small businesses are selling their products online in the country. The number is even smaller for websites that are attracting their target market by optimizing their sites. Are you striving to improve your online revenue with eCommerce optimization? Do you run a business that produces products, but you haven’t provided a way for your customers to purchase online? Do we have a solution for you?!

eCommerce optimization experts

We optimize or develop websites to allow our clients to entice clients with insightful content to boost their revenue online. Our eCommerce marketing techniques are quite effective, and they include:

  • SEO services: We help you to create a website that is optimized for search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing, all other major search engines.
  • Site layout and structure: To ensure that your website represents your brand in an easy to navigate, search-engine friendly, and clean way, we try to understand your business first. 
  • Keyword research: Avoiding common pitfalls that many eCommerce websites go through demands extensive keyword research. It is important to choose the right names and descriptions for your products.
  • Optimized content: An optimized property content for products will ensure that you are easily found where you were not. 
  • PPC management: Besides ensuring your website is optimized for search, and we help our clients to create and manage their Pay Per Click campaigns. This will ensure that most of your valuable products are visible in search engines. 
  • Compelling calls to action: An effective web content and compelling call to action can convince a visitor who was just window shopping to make a purchase. 
  • From our detailed monthly reporting, you will see how beneficial your investment is in eCommerce Website Optimization. Our monthly reports include:
  • A full overview of what is going on on your website, courtesy of Google Analytics. 
  • Keyword rankings are regularly updated keyword rankings that you can access anytime you like. 
  • A detailed report on how we are spending our time working on your website.
  • A detailed report shows activities and improvements done by our dedicated eCommerce optimization specialist. The report is conveyed through a video summary. 
  • If you have any ideas or questions that you would like answered, you can email them, call your dedicated eCommerce specialist and have a discussion. 

The number of online shoppers keeps on growing by the day globally by millions. This makes eCommerce one of the most popular and profitable methods of selling services and products today. Besides helping you to drastically increase your conversion and sales rates, a custom eCommerce website design also attracts your target audience to your storefront. 

eCommerce Statistics

On a global scale, eCommerce sales are estimated to account for more than 13.7 percent. This makes eCommerce a huge niche subculture in the online world. 2023 is approaching very fast, where it is estimated that online sales will account for a quarter of all sales made worldwide. What makes eCommerce more prevalent in today’s society than ever is the ability to sell services and products without the restrictions that come with brick and mortar stores.

Benefits of a Custom eCommerce Website Design

If you want to truly stand out in your niche and stay ahead of your competition in that digital forefront, it is important to have your very own custom eCommerce web design. If you have an eCommerce website that looks uninspiring, outdated, or genetic, you are less likely to increase ROI and conversions because your sales will remain stagnant. It is very easy to leave a lasting positive impression with an eCommerce website that has a custom design. You can also win over visitors who are just curious to learn about your brand and its offerings. With a custom web design, you will have more flexibility and freedom to create a color scheme and implement your brand’s aesthetic. All these will contribute to improving your website’s online presence. One way to have more control of how your store looks and feels is to build a website layout from scratch.

Advantages of Hiring a Company That Specialises in Custom Web Design

When you intend to develop or build an eCommerce store and want to stand out among your competitors, you should consider hiring a company that specializes in custom web design. Professional custom web design agencies and specialists work with platforms such as WooCommerce and WordPress. WooCommerce is recommended for self-hosted eCommerce clients. They are also quite knowledgeable in hosted solutions such as Shopify. You can choose to have a hosted solution such as Shopify or purchase your own web hosting in order to manage your eCommerce storefront yourself. Either way, teaming up with a professional web design specialist or agency offers you peace of mind in the entire process. Some of the benefits that come with hiring a custom website design company or specialist include:

  • Assessment: Custom website design forms will help you to access and evaluate your website to understand how it fairs in your online presence. You will learn how to convey your messages, services, and products better. 
  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly: Professional custom website design firms know how to create mobile-friendly and responsive websites, which is critical for reaching out to your target market regardless of which device they are using. 
  • Modern Design: Hiring a website development and design expert is beneficial because it allows you to be well-versed with the latest website development and design trends in the industry. The designs are also unique and follow best practices and industry standards.

Whether you want to work in a highly competitive industry and niche or you want to dive into an untapped market, it is advisable to understand why you need to consider an eCommerce platform for your own business. The right website design for your eCommerce website allows you to cast your net wide and attract the right target audience who has shown interest in your products.

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By letting us design your eCommerce website and optimizing or for search, you will increase your profitability and online revenue. The report that you will get from us will prove it. Contact us today and get a free quote.

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Why Partner With Ebuilderz

Ecommerce Optimizations Services

Choosing eBuilderz eCommerce optimization services will do wonders for your brand. We will help you reach your business potential because we treat every eCommerce business uniquely. Here are some more reasons why you need to choose the eBuilderz digital marketing agency.

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eBuilderz is not your average service provider. The services that we offer meet all industry requirements and SEO best practices. We employ the latest best SEO technologies and experienced experts. When creating websites, we make sure that they are optimized to increase their visibility. Websites are important because they help you put your products in front of a broader audience.

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Driving site traffic into your website is important if you want to capture valuable leads. As we optimize eCommerce websites for search engines, we also know that the perception of your brand to your visitor's matters. We include all the elements that make your website look credible and trustworthy. Your visitors will not shy away from your brand and will even go the extra mile to purchase your products.

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Our excellent track record is what defines our reputation. We have worked with numerous clients with different unique needs, and we have managed to surpass their expectations. Finding a reputable SEO and website design company that meets your needs like eBuilderz is not easy. We provide solutions based on the client's unique requirements. An endless list of satisfied clients can attest to our brilliant service delivery.



The Web content that we create for our clients is relevant to the product that you are offering to help build your brand identity. It is also optimized for search.



Whenever we want to design a website or create an SEO campaign for a brand, we make sure that we carry out enough research in order to come up with an effective strategy. Understanding your business and everything you stand for makes it easier for us to develop effective strategies for desirable results.



Every project we commit to puts our careers on the line; that is why we take our work very seriously. No matter where you come from or what you do, our purpose is to serve you diligently.

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Honesty and Transparency
Is Our Policy

eBuilderz uses well–researched, honest, and transparent strategies. Honestly is the best policy, and we put this into practice by implementing white hat SEO tactics. We never use black hat SEO because we know the damage they can cause due to Google penalties. We believe in playing fair, and so we practice what we preach.

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Data Driven Results

Data plays an important point of reference when we want to make your website attractive to the right audience. We don't assume what your business needs. We ask what our clients expect from us. The data that we get from our clients is always kept safe, and we will always make sure that we use them accordingly. Research is what makes us stand out and stay ahead of our competition.

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Ecommerce optimization

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eCommerce optimization is the process of taking a holistic approach to enhance your website performance to make it easier for your potential customers to find you. If you are running an eCommerce business, every aspect and element of your website must be geared towards making more sales.

  1. Optimize Your Pricing.
  2. Build an Email List.
  3. Improve Product Pages.
  4. Use an Upsell.
  5. Use Personalization(s)
  6. Optimize for Mobile.
  7. Overcome Other Specific Objections.
  8. Create Urgency With Flash Sales.
  1. Have an SEO homepage strategy.
  2. Use effective calls-to-actions. 
  3. Make it mobile-friendly 
  4. Include contact information.
  5. Provide your clients with a personalized experience.
  6. Entice visitors with your best products.
  7. Show site security. 
  8. Highlight sales.
  1. Come up with your target keywords.
  2. Utilize long-tail keywords. 
  3. Each page should have compelling and unique metadata. 
  4. Images should have ALT tags. 
  5. Your URLs should be friendly to the search engine. 
  6. Use an optimized Homepage.
  7. Optimize product pages

SEO works effectively to rank higher in search engine results pages by increasing your organic search traffic. Many users rely on Google to find the right product for the right price. This happens on the go and at home; therefore, you need to optimize your website and product pages.

Search Engine Optimization, which is commonly known as SEO, refers to the process of optimizing your website to make it easier to find. This is done using particular keywords to make it rank higher in SERPs. 

What are the different security methods for e-commerce?

  • Use Multi-Layer Security. Security on your eCommerce website is critical; therefore, you should include extra layers 
  • Anti-Malware Software. 
  • Comply with PCI-DSS Requirements.
  • Get Secure Server Layer (SSL) Certificates.
  • Use solid-rock Firewalls.

Yes. Done well, SEO helps your eCommerce website to reach your target audience. You Don’t need to pay for ads when you implement SEO on your eCommerce website. Once you’ve successfully enticed your visitors, you can impress them with intriguing content and high-quality products.

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