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Our Google Analytics services

There is no suspicion that Google Analytics is the best analytics platform in the world, with over 72% of websites in the Quantcast Top 100K choosing it as their platform of choice. The platform offers the best analytical services for all kinds of websites, including eBuilderz Google Analytics Agency. To help our clients get useful insights into their online marketing, we use Google Analytics. eBuilderz is a Google Certified Partner, and members of our marketing team are Google Analytics certified.





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Google Analytics audit services

Do you want to check the health of your Google Analytics account? eBuilderz offers an extensive Google Analytics audit to make sure that the process of collecting data has no errors. You can fully rely on our experts, who are certified by Google Analytics, to audit the tracking code, account linking, data integrity, configuration, and conversion tracking.

Google Analytics account setup

We will help you set up a new or existing Google Analytics account as well as implement it properly on your website. Hiring us will help you to capture the necessary business data by ensuring that the analytics account has the correct configuration. 

Google Analytics consulting services

Have you established Google Analytics on your website, and do you want to maximize its potential? The first thing that our Google Analytics services near me will do before determining your data goals is to consult with you. You can count on us to create customizable reports, set up conversion funnels, interpret your existing data, suggest solutions to aggregate data to a number of websites, and more.

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Why Google analytics?

Google Analytics is an industry leader when it comes to providing convenient and reliable analytics. This marketing analytics platform is highly used by numerous websites and all-sized businesses. Google Analytics has a wide range of self-configurable options that allow or give the complete picture of marketing performance.



With the help of Google Analytics, you can integrate GA with Google AdWords to track goals, convert your organic traffic, and utilize paid traffic. Once you are ready, you can scale up Premium Google Analytics 360.


Attribution Modelling

Use a data-driven approach to establish the most performing channels with attribution modelling on non-converting and converting user journeys.


Extended Ecosystem

Numerous analytics and leading marketing and advertising platforms support and trust Google Analytics for exchanging and integrating seamless data.


Micro Insights

Google Analytics always allows you to get granular level information on goal conversions, audience segmentation, cart abandonment, and content consumption.


Massive Scalability

Manage multiple digital properties, including mobile apps and websites, by monitoring granular audience behavioural insights and customer journey.   


Google Data Studio

Use third-party data sources to create mobile app analytics and build powerful data visualization of your web analytics that will be shared across the organization.


Extendable Widgets

With Google Analytics Dashboards, users can include more customization to get real-time web analytics and add multiple real-time widgets and mobile analytics data.


Marketer Friendly

Those who are not technical-fluent can use Google Analytics to track each vital engagement of customers on digital platforms and drive retargeting efforts effectively.

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Why eBuilderz?

eBuilderz offers services, solutions, and strategies from a lifecycle of data. We are committed to capturing, measuring, predicting, and activating trends that produce desired results based on the challenges that come with operating an online business.

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Google Analytics Consulting Services

eBuilderz is a Certified Google Analytics Partner that helps brands and businesses maximize digital analytics coverage with Google Analytics 360 and Google Analytics and Google Analytics Consulting

  • Google Analytics Dashboards
  • Google Analytics Migration
  • Google Analytics Audit
  • Google Analytics Implementation
  • Google Analytics QA & Report

Why Partner With Ebuilderz

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eBuilderz treats each client in a unique way because businesses have different goals. We offer crafted to a company’s individual needs. If you are still suspicious about the services we offer, here are a few reasons why you need our SEO services.

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eBuilderz stands tall as a Google Analytics service provider in Los Angeles. We offer above-average services that are attributed to the state of the art technologies, expertise, and years of experience. Every aspect of our SEO services not only meets industry standards but also follows SEO best practices. The purpose of having a website is to tell the world about your brand and what you are offering. We take our time to review and analyze your business to understand what you want to achieve. We then align your industry goals with our SEO strategy.

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Besides driving organic and paid traffic into your website, we all help you to improve your brand image and perception. Your visitors can't buy anything from you if they can't trust you. Making your website easier to access and extract vital information improves its visibility because search engines and internet users will easily find your website. The informative, creative, and optimized content we create makes it easier to discover your website.

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Our achievements and great work speak volumes about our brilliance and credibility. eBuilderz is one of the thousands of web-based services that offer unique SEO services crafted to suit your needs. For over nine years, we have helped businesses reach their maximum potential with our SEO solutions. We have a long list of satisfied clients who can attest to our excellent results.



The content that we deliver to patients is of high quality and informative to your online users. Since search engines prefer user-friendly content, your online presence and ranking will increase tremendously. The content is also crafted to solve problems faced by your users, making it quite useful.



An excellent search marketing agency offers desired results based on strategy. This is one of the attributes that you should look for when searching for an SEO company. We always come up with effective strategies after consulting with our clients to know what their goals are.



All our SEO and digital marketing benefits are taken very seriously because we know that our reputation is on the line. There is no room for mistakes and second-guessing; that is why we are always successful. No matter where our customers come from, we always deliver good results.

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eBuilderz is a trustworthy and professional SEO company. We are all about honesty and transparency; that is why we always employ white hat SEO strategies and tactics. With white hat SEO strategies, you don't need to worry about penalties from Google. You will never find us using black hat SEO tactics because we know how dangerous they are to your website. You can rest guaranteed that your website is in good hands once you partner with the eBuilderz SEO agency.

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It is hard to achieve your online marketing goals without proper and extensive research. eBuilderz digital marketing company conducts detailed and constant search before settling down to work on a project. Research helps us to understand your business better so that we can come up with a strategy that is aligned with your goals. Since our clients entrust us with sensitive business and company information, we always keep them safe and secure. You don't have to fear your business information getting into the wrong hands.

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Google Analytics offers businesses and website owners analytical tools to carry out statistics as a web analytics service. It is usually useful if you are implementing your SEO strategy or providing you with detailed reports. Anyone with a Google account can use Google Analytics freely since it is part of the Google Marketing Platform.

Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS) offers website owners subscription-based data analytics software. As a paying user, you will also get cloud-based procedures. With AaaS, you will get a fully customizable BI solution. The solution offers easy-to-understand reports, end-to-end capabilities, data organization, and data analysis. Both novice and IT experts are able to make sense of these reports.

With Google Analytics, you can freely understand what your customers are all about and what they desire from both platforms and devices. Get to understand the customer journey so that you can capitalize on digital marketing to maximize your ROI. 

What are the four main reports in Google Analytics?

The Data that Google provides is usable in a number of ways. However, the four most common reports include traffic, traffic from organic search, navigation summary, and conversions.

Those who have extensive knowledge of Google Analytics understand that this service offers insights on website users, where they come from, and what devices they commonly use to access your website. Advertisers and marketers use GA to track their marketing campaigns so that they can make improvements if necessary.

There are four distinct categories of modern analytics, which include: descriptive, predictive, diagnostic, and prescriptive.

Analytics creates it easier for website owners to discover, interpret, and communicate significant patterns in data. To simply put it, analytics allows you to check insights and helpful data that you might not easily spot.

This type of profession involves offering constant consultation that touches on the provided data and provides data-driven insights that can lead to action. He or she also reviews reports and offers key insights for the data monitoring phase

It is recommended that clients own their Google Analytics data. They may not know what Google Analytics is all about, but still, you are obligated ethically as an agency to show them how to set up their account with their own email credentials.

The first thing that you need to do is get Google Analytics Certification. To do this, just select “Get Certified” from the top navigation menu in Google Skillshop. You will see a new menu displayed. Click “Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam” below the “Certification requirements.” Once you are here, the evaluation will start.

Auditing existing Google Analytics accounts is a lucrative venture that can help you to make a living. Once you finish evaluating and analyzing their Google Analytics accounts, you can recommend enhancements that need to be made in order for them to perform better.

Before the February 4th adjustments, to derive Network Domain information and Service Provider, Google Analytics also used the visitor’s IP address. To know the owner or registrant of the visitor’s IP network, you will need to access Service Provider information.

You can achieve this by creating the Custom Dimension in Google Analytics. In your Google account, head over to the admin section of your Google Analytics account and access the property tree. Select Custom Dimensions and add a session-scoped custom dimension. Create a sensible name, and don’t forget the index number.

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