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Make the Right Decisions for Your Brand With PPC Advertising

Due to the digital marketing tide shifts, many companies are now searching for effective and fast ways to place their brands in front of their customers. Although many digital marketing companies claim to deliver, very few do. You will get fast and effective results by choosing to work with eBuilderz SEO Services Agency’s PPC management services. As the digital landscape keeps on growing, websites are also evolving at a very fast speed. From entrepreneurs and eCommerce businesses to franchises and small companies, many are exploring various marketing avenues to maximize their conversion paths online. However, many challenges come with increased marketing opportunities. Even with numerous digital marketing channels and the availability of advertising tools, some businesses are still not visible to their target audience. This puts marketers in a difficult spot, trying all kinds of online marketing tactics and efforts with little or no results.

Some of the challenges that companies and marketers face currently include:

  • The surge in ad blockers
  • High digital ad spending
  • Elusive consumers
  • Changing customer demands
  • Increased competition
  • Strict industry regulations
  • Varying market standards

Social media marketing has also not been spared, with many companies also failing to register desired marketing results. A few years ago, social media channels made it easier for businesses to reach millions of prospects freely. This was done on a worldwide scale. Nowadays, we see social media giants launching ad regulations charging brands more to get their content on the storefront of their relevant customers. Since not all marketers have the skills and experience to launch social media campaigns, this becomes a problem. You have to bear in mind that social campaigns also need ongoing support to make turn work. Gaining higher brand exposure requires critical marketing aspects to work. These three aspects include social media marketing, web development, and search engine optimization. What makes many companies shun SEO is the fact that it takes time, money, effort, and resources to yield good results. A more profitable option for businesses that guarantee a quick return on investment is Pay per click advertising. It also offers an immediate campaign boost for most businesses and brands. Targeted PPC services allow you to get positive business outcomes and have complete control of your paid search marketing efforts.

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SEO vs. PPC: Which is the Right Strategy
for Your Brand?

Determining if the organic search or PPC or merging these two digital marketing strategies is good for your brand requires a great knowledge of your target demographics and analyzing their online activities.



SEO offers the best way to establish online credibility by improving your organic traffic. It is also the best way to build brand awareness and gain customer trust. However, it will take more than six months to start seeing results once you start implementing your SEO campaign. A study done by Ahrefs revealed that within a year of publishing, only 5.7 percent of web pages rank in the top 10 organic search results. This is only for one single keyword. Moreover, it took about two to six months for these performing web pages to rank in the top 10. It is no secret that SEO takes time. That is why many marketers depend largely on organic search fail within the established timeline to meet their marketing goals. You can count on a pay per click company for complete control, flexibility, and instant results in your online marketing efforts.



Pay-per-click advertising in the past has shown its effectiveness as one of the most affordable online marketing strategies. With PPC advertising, brands and businesses can take their offerings to the right target audience, at the right place, and at the right time. They can also take charge of their ad spending. Pay per click marketing allows you to quicken the customers’ buying journey by enhancing the conversion rate. This offers you laser-targeted visibility. Ideally, combining PPC advertising and SEO strategies allows you to drive targeted results. You will drive in relevant traffic, offer maximum visibility and deliver long-term benefits by integrating SEO and PPC campaigns. Pay per click internet marketing is, however, the best option if you want to make an impact within a short time on your niche market. 

Leverage PPC Marketing and Take Advantage of Consumer Search Opportunities

pay per click

eBuilderz SEO Services Agency is an industry leader when it comes to providing result-oriented Pay per click internet marketing. We have teamed up with various prominent marketing professionals and industry players, which allows us to help businesses reach their goals by growing brand awareness and increasing their leads. eBuilderz Pay per click company has, over the years, mastered the craft of PPC advertising. This includes what it entails and how to make it work effectively for different stakeholders. This has helped us to ensure online success. If you are still finding it hard to believe that Pay per click is the best option for your online marketing campaign, here are several facts to convince you. Gain more knowledge about PPC, and you understand how this form of online marketing can help your business scale new heights. eBuilderz Pay per click internet marketing experts will help you start your Pay per click campaign today. 

What Is Pay Per Click, and How Does It Work?

Grow Your Business With Optimised Paid Search Campaigns

A report by Hanapin Marketing has revealed that 79 percent of marketers prefer paid search marketing because it produces quick and effective results. The report also states that about 62 percent of industry players say that they will go on increasing their PPC ads budget to attract potential customers in the coming years. In 2017 alone, 7 million advertisers spent a whopping $10.01 billion on Pay per click ads, according to Social Media Today. It is also evident that the most widely used marketing framework is Pay per click for benefits for businesses that want to generate a higher return on investment. So, what is Pay per click, and what makes it a great marketing technique for ramping up digital marketing efforts? PPC experts at eBuilderz will explain to you what paid search is and guide you through the PPC fundamentals and management. Having sufficient knowledge about PPC processes puts you in a better position to launch a profitable campaign. Know everything about PPC marketing and understand how our Pay per click marketing agency helps businesses achieve their set goals. 

What is PPC?

Pay per click marketing is an online paid search technique that helps companies to build brand awareness and also promote their brand offers. This paid search model also helps to attract specific audience segments and build brand awareness. PPC is cost-effective because advertisers only need to pay when users click on the PPC ads. That is why it is called Pay-per-click. People usually use a PPC with Google. However, this form of advertising is way broader than the Google Display Network or Google search engine results pages (SERPs). The PPC model of advertising is also common in many social media networks such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. Using the pay-per-click method of advertising, a marketer can place ads on various online marketing platforms. This helps to make their services highly visible to their audiences. The ads that you normally see on the web pay per click ads.

What Are the Different Types of PPC Ads?

Now that we’ve understood what PPC is, here are several kinds of PPC marketing campaigns. Each type has what it takes to promote your services to the right audience and build your online presence. Together with your team, our experts on Pay per click advertising will determine the best PPC ads to fill your sales funnel in your business. The goals of your advertising agency will determine the type of PPC ads you will need to use. Here are some of them:


Search Ads

Many marketers like using search advertising, making it the most common form of paid search marketing. When visitors are looking for your brand or industry offerings online, they are going to see your search ads. They are the best type of search ads for one-time campaigns or short sales cycles promotions. Search advertisements work well in businesses that want to get strong, high-quality leads from new customers.


Display Ads

If you have started a display advertising campaign, you are sure to reach 90% of your online users. This type of PPC ad targets people who visit industry-related sites. To benefit from this type of PPC ad, your site needs to be one of Google’s partner websites. You can easily use display ads to capture the attention of users and convince them to take action with texts and photos. We recommend to our clients who have niche or luxury customers or lengthy sales cycles to use display ads.


Social Ads

If you have started a display advertising campaign, you are sure to reach 90% of your online users. This type of PPC ad targets people who visit industry-related sites. To benefit from this type of PPC ad, your site needs to be one of Google’s partner websites. You can easily use display ads to capture the attention of users and convince them to take action with texts and photos. We recommend to our clients who have niche or luxury customers or lengthy sales cycles to use display ads.


Remarketing Ads

The best way to double your turnover is by reaching high-converting customers. You can do this by using remarketing types of PPC ads. These kinds of ads work by compelling visitors who have already visited your website to come back and convert. Remarketing ads are relatively cheaper than search marketing because of the highly targeted customer segments and lower competition. You can count on our PPC marketing firm to produce significant results with your PPC campaign using smart PPC ad extensions and formats.


Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads work very well for websites with large volumes of products. You will notice this type of PPC ad because they appear in a carousel beside and above the main Google search results. Before the visitor even clicks any other website, he or she will see products offered by your brand. If your target customers have already explored all product offerings on Google Shopping ads, there is a higher chance of conversion from every click. Through our PPC agency, you can use Google Shopping if you are running an eCommerce business with an aim of reaching customers who have a clear buying intent.


In-stream Ads

YouTube ads is another name for in-stream ads. They are pay-per-click ads that show on the search results of YouTube videos, video partners on Display Network, and YouTube videos. If you want to present your memorable and unique way, then our PPC agency uses in-stream ads. YouTube ads also help companies to put ads in the best natural breaks slots and in video content.


Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)

The best way to generate direct response leads using PPC ads is through Gmail-sponsored promotions. With GSP, you can easily reach interesting leads right in their inbox. GPS is much better than YouTube ads because it allows your potential consumers to call you directly and convert at any point. Our PPC company will help you set up a GSP pay-per-click to maximize targeting abilities and also generate high-quality clicks.


Local Services Ads

Another form of advertising that uses the Pay per lead model is the local service ads. This way, you only need to pay for clicks that turn out to be valuable leads. These types of ads are only applicable in several markets, including electricians, plumbers, HVAC companies, and locksmiths. Our partnership with local service providers allows us to make your business more visible to your target demographics.


Amazon PPC Ads

In the online landscape, one of the increasingly popular PPC services in Amazon marketing is Amazon PPC ads. With Amazon PPC ads, Amazon sellers can boost sales and drive more store visits. It can also generate brand awareness by placing sponsored ads on key locations of the platform. eBuilderz leverages our PPC experts’ technical expertise and knowledge when organizing Amazon PPC campaigns. Doing so increases your profit margin.

How Does PPC Marketing Work?

Pay-per-click advertising refers to a marketing technique that is based on keywords. Based on the search volume, Adwords, which is among the PPC campaign management services, will assign a value to different search terms and phrases. This also includes the competition level and keyword difficulty. The value of a particular keyword will depend on how many advertisers are competing for it. Google’s homepage, which is a marketing platform, has limited Google pay per click advertising slots. This means as a business, you need to battle it out to claim your PPC spot. Paying more is not the only thing that advertisers need to do to increase their prominence in Google PPC ads. PPC ads such as Google Pay per click need to go through an ad auction. This mention to the process of determining the relevance and validity of advertisements. It is an automated process used by search engines to determine the relevance of an advertisement that will appear on their SERPs. In order to lower your cost per click (CPC) and boost your ad position, you need to make sure that your Google pay per click ads have a good Quality Score. Obtaining a good Quality Score demands having pay-per-click ads that are relevant to your target demographics. This includes receiving high click-through rates (CTRs), driving prospects to a landing page that is SEO-optimised, and having valuable keywords. Don’t worry if you lack time to conduct a PPC audit because eBuilderz is here to help you. Being a pay per click management company, you can trust to launch your pay per click campaign and perform other PPC services on your website.

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We Help You Improve Your Quality Score and Generate More Online Revenue

Among the services that you should expect from eBuilderz SEO Services Agency include identifying your PPC campaign metrics and determining your PPC search engine marketing (SEM) goals. We will also help you to reduce your PPC expenses by establishing your Pay per click campaign structure. This will also help to attract new visitors to your website. With our Pay per click company, you can maneuver through the technicalities of PPC. This helps in the integration of online marketing campaigns, SEO, and PPC advertising. Reap the benefits that come with our cost-effective PPC advertising services by partnering with our Pay per click management agency.

Why Pay Per Click services Works For Your Business

Boost Your Brand Recognition and Scale-Up Quickly

If you are looking for a powerful digital marketing strategy, then you need Pay per click advertising for your business. This type of marketing will help you to maximize your ROI by increasing your conversions. With our data-driven PPC management services, we will help you to create valuable opportunities to improve your profitability by connecting your brand with customers. 

Here are some of the many advantages that you are going to get from PPC advertising services:


Low Barrier to Entry

Paid search marketing provides beginners and marketers with a step-by-step guide on how to start creating their own ads. With our trusted Pay per click services, you can have your PPC campaign up and running in no time, even if your competitors are way ahead of you.


Granular Targeting

PPC allows you to target messages to your potential clients according to their online activities, search behavior, and preferred platforms. Pay per click services allows you to find your consumers when they are more likely to make a buying decision. Besides that, you can also use gender, age, location, and other demographics to connect with specific groups of your target audience.


Total Customization​

If you want to beat your competitors using PPC advertising, then you need to use custom, highly-relevant Google PPC campaigns. The campaign should also resonate with your target consumers. You will get a wealth of marketing data when you decide to use PPC advertising. This will help you optimize your performance. Every aspect of your PPC advertising should be selected based on the targeted audience, keyword, specific zip codes, and placements of where you need your ads to run.


Fast Results

Among the best benefits of employing Pay per click advertising services in your marketing strategy is that it allows you to get instant results. Once you launch your campaign, it will only take overnight to start seeing the results of your efforts. You also need to understand that it will take about three months to rest your efforts. Therefore, you need to get valuable data and continue to improve the overall performance of your campaign if you want to get desirable results.


Quick Experimentation

An integral part of your Pay per click advertising campaign is played by PC ads A/B split testing. Our PPC experts take various versions of your PPC ads and compare them with one another to find out which one has the capacity to generate the highest possible conversion rate.


One-time Campaign Promotions

Are you short on cash to fully execute ongoing digital marketing efforts? You should put your mind to rest by allowing Pay per click services you work for you. eBuilderz offers PPC services near me that will make it easier for you to run short sales cycles by allowing you to launch one-time campaign promotions. If you want to separate PPC campaigns by priority and also introduce new services or products to the online marketplace, you need a cost-effective marketing technique such as Pay per click advertising.


Immediate and Consistent Traffic

If you are searching for an online marketing technique that works effectively with SEO, PPC management will work just fine for you. With PPC management, you can enhance brand exposure and drive targeted traffic to your site. PPC also offers the fastest way to kick off marketing efforts, run paid search campaigns, and get instant traffic and clicks from relevant clients.


Expansive Traction Channels

Tapping into a massive network of consumers requires a paid search advertising model from different online platforms. Pay-per-click advertising allows you to use numerous marketing channels to reach out to a large number of potential customers and promote your brand.


Trackable Data

With PPC advertising services, you get data that you can track and measure. This means that there will be no guesswork when you are tracking progress in your campaign. Google Analytics allows you to track campaign matrices, which include conversions, impressions, and clicks. These matrices make it easier for you to get a clear picture of how your pay-per-click campaign is performing.

Are you ready to set up your Pay-per-click search engine marketing campaign? You need to make sense of the search engine marketing basics. You also need to know how to boost your competitive advantage by identifying how you can use our SEM agency’s expertise.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Reach Your Target Customers and Pay Only Per Action

PPC search engine marketing refers to a marketing strategy that utilizes digital channels to increase the visibility of a brand in SERP. You can achieve this in all search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo using niche keywords. This type of digital marketing focuses on increasing traffic through optimized ads. This also helps to convert more visitors to the advertised website that is used for advertising the ads. Years back, SEM referred to the integration between paid search and SEO. Nowadays, SEM is only about paid search advertising. Pay-per-click, SEM, and paid search are all the same. PPC search engine marketing plays a vital role in digital marketing now that many consumers are resorting to online shopping. As a marketer, you can only pay for impressions that lead to visitors visiting your website. Your organic search rankings keep improving every time a user visits your website. That is why PPC is regarded as the fastest way to drive more traffic and conversions. 

How Does SEM Work?

To provide the most relevant search results, algorithms are used by search engines. Searches are based on web activity, online user information, and location. You will see sponsored ads beside the first search results or at the top of the SERPs. What makes up the foundation of PPC search engine marketing are keywords. If you want to get in front of the right audience, then you have to identify keywords that consumers are likely to use when searching for your services or products online. The keywords also need to be brand-related. You will be able to take your keyword management a notch higher if you choose to employ search engine marketing. SEM also allows you to set extra parameters to establish who should see your PPC ads and when the ads should appear. eBuilderz PPC firm makes use of all major SEM platforms, including Yahoo Search Ads, Google AdWords, and Bing Ads. Choosing us as your digital marketing agency allows us to connect your brand with high-intent searchers on the internet. We do this by displaying your advertisement on top of SERPs. We know information such as keyword search volume and competition; that is why we collect valuable information using advanced keyword research tools. Our team of SEM experts will establish irrelevant phrases or negative keywords that should be scraped from your keyword lists once it identifies your target search terms. To ensure that you win the ad auction, create a compelling ad copy structure for your account. With our PPC search engine marketing firm, you can display your ads more frequently but at a lower cost. You learn more about your competitors and audience and competitors and create PPC campaigns that are quite competitive by improving your Quality Score and optimizing your ad campaigns. The results will be giving your website the attention it deserves. Partnering with our SEM agency will ensure that we succeed at PPC search engine marketing.

Why eBuilderz’s PPC Services Are Better Than the Rest

Leverage Our Technical Expertise to Grow Your Client Base

eBuilderz SEO Services Agency is a credible and reliable PPC agency that is dedicated to seeing your band or business thrive. In every Pay per click campaign that we manage, we give it our all by bringing our years of experience and industry expertise. You can count on us to offer our 101% commitment by providing the best PPC audit and account setup, ads management, and campaign monitoring. All these will help you improve your online performance.  Choosing to team up with our Pay per click marketing agency will bring you the following benefits:


Comprehensive PPC Audit

eBuilderz PPC advertising firm does everything to make sure all your PPC campaign aspects adhere to industry regulations and are aligned with your goals. To establish whether there are any campaign issues, we conduct in-depth PPC audits. This also allows us to make your PPC campaign more effective by adjusting your strategy. We have specialists who are always ready to evaluate your account structure, key performance indicators (KPIs), analytics, and remarketing techniques.


Detailed Reporting

At all times, we make sure that your online activities and campaign progress are updated since we are committed to seeing your company thrive. As our client, we will give you with custom campaign reports. This report will cover overall campaign performance, keyword rankings, and your Google Analytics results. Another benefit that you will get from us includes monitoring your campaign in real-time from our client dashboard. 


Premier Google Partner

We are proud to be one of the members of the coveted Google Premier Partners. Our PPC agency is made up of certified Google Ads PPC specialists. They have a wealth of digital marketing knowledge and industry experience. You can count on our PPC experts for results-oriented Google PPC campaigns that will guarantee growth in your business.


Customer-Focused PPC Company

Our PPC advertising agency understands that, as a business, we need to own our clients’ voices. This means that we need to work much harder to express this. We determine your marketing goals during our initial consultation. We also check your existing campaign performance, which will help us to offer you recommendations that are data-driven. We organize monthly meetings that will allow us to discuss your PPC campaign progress and overall performance. All this is done at your convenience.


Multi-Location PPC

Do you run a business that has a diverse customer base and serves in multiple locations? To ensure that your PPC ads campaign delivers desired results, Our PPC management firm creates a multi-location PPC structure. Not only will this take custom PPC ads to your target demographics, but it will also maximize your ad spend. We ensure that your PPC campaign is organized per location and per group. We also personalize ad copies by localizing site links and your callout extensions.


Dedicated Pay Per Click Specialists

You can rely on eBuilderz to make overwhelming, technical, and complicated search engine marketing processes a breeze. Once you decide to partner with us, we are going to manage your PPC campaign from a single point of contact. This makes it even easier for us to address your questions since we are your outsourced online marketing department.

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PPC Marketing Services

Create Compelling Ads That Generate Quantifiable Returns

Our PPC advertising firm uses state of the art software that allows us to know what your customers are going to type in the search box. This software helps us to understand your customers’ search behavior to predict what they are likely to key into the search box. We establish what your target keywords are and group them based on search volume, industry relevance, and competition. You can count on our paid search specialists to keep on refining your keyword list in order to attract the interest of your target audience and search intent.

Our PPC marketing agency will help you to increase your leads’ quality and quantity. You can expect us to craft engaging content, create strong headlines, use high-performing keywords, and place clear calls-to-action (CTAs) on your landing pages. To convince online users to take the desired action, our PPC firm will integrate SEO with PPC best practices.

Teaming up with our Pay per click company will make it easier for you to drive instant, qualified traffic to your landing pages without any problem. Expect our Pay per click management company to manage all that pertains to your PPC advertising campaign, analysis, channel strategy, PPC campaign launch, monitoring, including keyword research, and pay-per-click ads A/B testing. Partnering with us will get you PPC campaigns that are conversion-driven based on your budget.

Sign up for our paid search agency’s PPC services near me if you want to put your business or brand at the top of search results. With eBuilderz PPC firm, you can determine high-value keywords, optimize your ad targeting strategies, track your ROI, and develop PPC bidding strategies. All these practices will help our PPC marketing firm to enhance impression share, Quality Score, and CTR.

You can count on our Pay per click company to establish the effectiveness of your ads by setting up campaign comparisons. To know which pay-per-click ads version is going to work well by producing desirable results, we develop several variations of your page elements. This includes image, layout, CTA, and headline. What usually helps us to optimize your next paid search campaign is the split-test results. The test will also help us improve the overall PPC performance.

We will help you to capture your target customers on the right platform and at the right time so that it would be easier to move ten to the bottom of the funnel. With our PPC agency, you can come up with persuasive PPC ads, develop user-friendly lead capture forms, and test your landing page designs. This will help you to boost your Quality Score and conversion rate. Let us assist you in increasing your profits without blowing your budget by calling us to sign up.

You can acquire more traffic by engaging with your ideal customers across search engines. This will also help to boost your online revenue. eBuilderz’s PPC specialists ensure that your products and services reach your target audience by doing in-depth PPC audits. In order to get higher engagement rates, our PPC ads experts improve your SEM targeting, optimize your PPC ads for each platform, and leverage site link extensions. 

About 54% of online users go to social media sites to research products before making a buying decision. If you want to grow your brand recognition, stay top of mind with your prospects, and reduce marketing costs, you need to invest in our Pay per click company. We can help you to improve your brand engagement and reach more of your prospective customers by analyzing their social media behavior and establishing your target audience. This also involves using images, videos, and texts.

eBuilderz Pay per click management services connect your brand with your local customers using Nextdoor advertising. This helps to improve your sales funnel conversions. We also develop landing pages that are dedicated to web traffic from Nextdoor, professional craft ads tailored to suit your customers, and manage your Nextdoor business page. You can also count on our Pay per click agency to track your metrics and improve your campaign results with our analytics and measuring system.

Get more cost-effective results and target specific visitor segments from remarketing. We create remarketing ads for high-value customers and identify your top-performing campaigns. This allows us to tap into site visitors who have shown the intention of buying your products. We reduce your marketing expenses by limiting the number of times your PPC ads appear to a single visitor or person.

Increase your Amazon revenue margin using Amazon video ads and product ads that attract the attention of online shoppers. You can count on eBuilderz to make good use of our proprietary Amazon Artificial intelligence (AI) advertising management system. This system allows us to boost your sales by reaching out to interested buyers and maximizing your ROI. Depending on product performance, we create your Amazon PPC campaigns by product category, maximize keyword match types and negative keywords, and adjust your ad spending.

With our YouTube video marketing approach, we help our clients to develop memorable YouTube ads and connect with potential clients. You can depend on our PPC management company to set up video remarketing campaigns, explore advanced YouTube targeting options, and create a surprise element in your in-stream ads. With our YouTube, we will help you create YouTube ads that narrate unique stories that revolve around your target audience.

Why Partner With Ebuilderz

eBuilderz Pay per click company

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From the expertise that we employ and the tech that we use, you can tell that eBuilderz is not an average company. We make sure that our efforts and SEO techniques meet SEO best practices and industry standards requirements. We strongly believe the websites are supposed to open your business to the world by reaching a wider target market. That is what drives us to perform and implement in-depth SEO audits and strategies. This helps us to understand what you expect from our agency.

Our Clients Come First icon

Our Clients Come First

We know that it takes more than site traffic to make your business grow; that’s why we do all we can to improve your brand’s image and perception. Any visitor who visits your website needs to trust you first before he or she considers purchasing your products. The creative content that eBuilderz creates makes it easier for visitors and search engines to discover you. We offer optimized content that increases the visibility of your website by a big margin. It will only take a few months for you to start seeing desirable results from our SEO strategy.

Proven Track Record icon


We can talk all day about how brilliant we are, but we prefer to let our excellent track record speak for us. It is hard to get a service provider that is hell-bent on ensuring that your business thrives. eBuilderz offers the best digital marketing services that guarantee superb results. For over a decade, we have been in this industry, and we have gained great experience and expertise to offer business desirable results. We have a long list of satisfied clients who are more than willing to vouch for us.



Besides being of high quality, our web content is also informative and relevant to the services or products that you are offering. This is quite helpful to your clients and your business.



It is important to have a strategy when looking for an online marketing agency. We offer results-oriented SEO solutions that are based on strategies. We try to understand your business and its goals before coming up with an SEO strategy.



The SEO services that we offer define our reputation, and we never want to jeopardize the partnership that we share with our esteemed clients. That is why we always give every project our best shot. That’s why we continue to grow and thrive as an agent.

Honesty and Transparency Is Our Policy icon

Honesty and Transparency
Is Our Policy

eBuilderz is a company that is built on trust and transparency. We care about what our clients think about us; that’s why we never dare to use unscrupulous black hat SEO techniques to stay ahead. We know the penalties that come with such techniques can really hurt your business; that’s why we always use white SEO strategies with no risks of getting penalized by Google.

Data Driven Results icon

Data Driven Results

We attribute our online success story to constant research. We never grow tired of researching because it helps us understand what your business is all about and what we need to do to help it grow. Before rushing to create and implement an SEO strategy, we ask our clients what their goals are. From their goals, we can craft an effective SEO strategy that aligns with their short and long-term marketing goals.

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Pay per click marketing agency?

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PPC or pay-per-click refers to a type of online marketing technique where advertisers pay when visitors click their ads. It is a cost-effective method of advertising because you only pay when your ad is clicked. Besides driving website visits organically, it is also a great advertising method to buy visits to your site.

This is how to create a PPC ads campaign for your website:

  1. Work on your goals. 
  2. Choose where to place your ads. 
  3. Select the valuable keywords you want to bid on.
  4. For different keywords, create your bids and pick a daily or monthly budget.
  5. Place your PPC link and ad to a persuasive and relevant landing page on your site.

SEO is known to improve your website’s visibility and build your online presence continuously. On the other hand, PPC can give you instant results by targeting particular users who are likely to visit your website. If your website is not optimized for SEO, pay-per-click ads are used for a time-sensitive period. Although SEO takes time to work, it is cost-effective in the long run and provides higher returns compared to PPC ads.

A business can only reap from PPC ads if it can accurately read data, adjust its ad campaign, use new data and measure the effectiveness of its PPC campaign. You need to know that many businesses rely on data, and PPC is no exception because marketers have a granular level of ad control and level of data.

In Google AdWords, the cost-per-click across all industries on the search network is $2.69 on average. Dating apps and personal industries offer the lowest cost-per-click, and the highest cost-per-click is found in the legal industry.

Let’s just say that PPC and CPC are two sides of the same coin. Generally, PPC is an umbrella term for the marketing technique. On the other hand, CPC refers to the performance metric used for PPC ads. It is just that simple. PPC and CPC are inextricably connected to one another but are two sides of the same coin with distinctive concepts.

SEO and PPC advertising are two different online marketing approaches that revolve around the digital marketing industry. While PPC is all about showing paid ads on search engine results pages (SERPs), SEO services are meant to drive organic traffic to your website.

To simply put it, in a PPC campaign, CPA quantifies the cost of goal conversions, while the CPC metric quantifies the average cost of ad clicks in a PPC campaign.

PPC management companies are usually hired by brands and businesses to oversee online paid advertising efforts. If you are not sure what PPC (pay-per-click) means, it simply refers to a wider format of digital ad marketing. It covers the video ads you see on YouTube to search ads you see at the top of Google.

A reputable PPC agency is one that has a dedicated PPC manager whose main role is to oversee the implementation and progress of your PPC ads campaign. The firm should be able to stay up to date with the ever-changing trends in the digital space. The agency should also be transparent with the way they handle and share customer information.

Pay-per-click (PPC) services are beneficial to businesses and brands because they help to manage PPC advertising campaigns with a professional search engine marketing (SEM) or PPC expert. Such services help to ensure that businesses meet their marketing goals.

A business can only reap from PPC ads if it can accurately read data, adjust its ad campaign, use new data and measure the effectiveness of its PPC campaign. You need to know that many businesses rely on data, and PPC is no exception because marketers have a granular level of ad control and level of data.

  • AdWords Message Extensions
  • No More Right-Side Ads
  • AdWords Expanded Text Ads
  • New AdWords Interface
  • Local Search Ads
  • Demographic Targeting for Search Campaigns
  • Responsive Display Ads and In-Store Conversions
  • Bing Expanded Text Ads.

CPC (cost per click) refers to paid advertising technique that involves an advertiser paying for a user’s ad click. Calculation formula: CPC = ad cost/number of clicks. CPC-based ads: these are types of ads where an advertiser pays for every click on your ad or other websites that directs the user to your site.

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