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Every second that your website takes to load increases your bounce rate. These delays end up costing you valuable leads, which causes adverse effects on your business. With eBuilderz technical SEO agency, you can easily capture high-quality leads by improving your website’s performance. Technical search engine optimization agencies offer SEO services that allow clients to increase organic traffic using high-quality leads. The reason why search engine algorithms keep changing is to improve user experience. You can easily make your website search-engine-friendly by understanding what technical SEO is all about. This knowledge will allow you to use technical SEO audit service to your advantage. Understanding technical SEO also helps you to ensure that you design your website according to industry standards and search engine guidelines. Among the aspects that make up Technical on page SEO include robots exclusion standard (robots.txt), Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), content quality, website speed, and XML sitemap status.

You need to consider all these factors if you want your website’s performance to improve online. Google states that your bound rate is likely to increase by 123% if it takes more than 10 seconds to load. You may also experience a 20 percent drop in conversion rate and a 16 percent decrease in customer satisfaction. Page view may also decrease by 11 percent. You should not assume that everything is fine and ignore your technical SEO. Doing this will lead to adverse repercussions. Partnering with the right technical SEO expert and investing in effective technical SEO for WordPress, eCommerce, and other content management systems will help you save time and money. To improve your site’s technical SEO, just schedule a call with our technical SEO consultants. We will help gain a deeper knowledge of the importance of WordPress technical SEO.

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What is Technical SEO and are its Benefits?

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The process of improving your website’s compatibility with search engine guidelines is called technical SEO. Improving technical SEO on your website makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site and find out what your business is all about. Technical SEO also allows easier indexing of your website. Carrying out a technical SEO audit of your website allows you to analyse the current SEO of your site. A technical SEO audit service will help you know which aspects of your website need a seamless user experience. User demand has greatly changed over the years making search engines more sophisticated. Around the globe, there are over 3.5 billion smartphone users according to Statista. It is this massive number of smartphone users that have prompted Google to focus on mobile-friendly websites as one of the ranking factors. If your website loads slowly, has a poor structure, and has wonky redirects, Google can penalise it. If you neglect technical SEO issues on your website, you may experience a steep drop in organic traffic search rankings. About 35 percent of clicks come from top organic search results. This means that if your website is not one of the top ones on Google search results, you may not achieve your bottomline. 

Technical SEO Services for Local Businesses

Improve Your Search Rankings Without Adding Any New Content

The digital marketing landscape is quite competitive nowadays. This means that staying on top demands improving your site’s technical SEO tactics. You also need to stay updated with the latest search engine algorithm updates. This will increase your website performance and also make your business more productive. The knowledge of technical SEO allows you to structure your website in a way that both search engines and users have an easier time accessing it. 

Below are the critical processes that make up technical optimization SEO:

  • Running a crawl error report
  • Increasing site speed
  • Performing a Google site search
  • Checking HTTPS Status codes
  • Optimising website for mobile
  • Auditing preferred domain
  • Creating an XML sitemap
  • Getting rid of duplicate content
  • Enhancing metadata
  • Utilising robots.txt
  • Looking for broken links
  • Using the Secure sockets layer
  • Auditing redirects
  • Among others

If you run a business website, navigating the complex processes and requirements of technical optimization SEO can be quite challenging. If you don’t have the required expertise, it may take a lot of time, money, and resources. It is for this reason that you need to hire a technical SEO consultant near me. Is your search engine performance diminishing due to your site’s technical on-page SEO functionality? Our technical SEO agency is here to do the hard work while you focus on ways to expand your business. 

You will only realise your business’s full potential when you choose eBuilderz as your technical SEO agency.

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Technical SEO Services

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Local SEO Audit

We usually conduct a comprehensive SEO technical audit on your website to establish and eliminate all technical SEO issues. Among the aspects that the audit touches on are vital checkpoints, XML sitemap, mobile performance, page speed, crawl errors, site architecture, and internal link structure. From our analytics results, we create short- and long-term solutions to increase your Google ranking. We do this by improving the user experience on your website.



We will help you maximise your conversion opportunities by giving you a complete overview of optimization tactics used by your competitors. Among the aspects that our technical SEO consultant evaluates are your search engine rankings, technical and backlink profile, competition’s keyword performance, and social media presence. From these processes, we can create unique and effective technical SEO tactics that will give you an advantage in your relevant market.



Meta tags will help you to improve your website visibility and drive more traffic to your site. These meta tags are effective tools to help you describe your page content to search engines and web visitors. Among aspects that eBuilderz will exploit when improving your technical SEO is performing technical SEO for WordPress. This process involves optimising and analysing your title tags, meta descriptions, alt attributes, meta keywords, and robots tags. Doing this ensures that metadata that could potentially harm your SEO performance is not misused.



If you resort to using large images on your website, you need to know that they usually make the page load slowly. This means that site performance will reduce and this will chase away visitors. eBuilderz will help you reduce your site load time with technical SEO for eCommerce. This will help you attract more visitors to your website. We have experienced specialists who optimise your alt attributes, utilise image sitemaps, use the right file format, and reduce your image’s file size.



Since a page affects the user experience on your website, it will also affect your website rankings. Reducing the size of your CSS, JavaSCript, and HTML files, allows our technical SEO specialists to make your web pages load faster. Other things that we do to improve site performance include leveraging browser caching, improving server response time, reducing redirects, and optimising your code.



Using schema markup makes search engines crawl your website easily. It also allows search engines to easily interpret and display your content. eBuilderz will assign data tags, highlight page elements, add the schema markup, and create the HTML on your page. To diagnose any issue and test your markup, our technical SEO team uses Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.



The blueprint of your digital marketing strategy is keyword research. We ensure that our clients use the right keywords throughout their websites. We also help clients get vital insights into consumer behaviour and current industry trends. To establish your keyword rankings and optimise your web pages, our technical SEO specialists conduct technical SEO audits and study your niche.



The blueprint of your digital marketing strategy is keyword research. We ensure that our clients use the right keywords throughout their websites. We also help clients get vital insights into consumer behaviour and current industry trends. To establish your keyword rankings and optimise your web pages, our technical SEO specialists conduct technical SEO audits and study your niche.



Get more insights on search ranking capabilities and the authority of your website using technical SEO tactics for eCommerce and other platforms. The backlink analysis that our team performs ensures that you get incoming links from credible and authoritative websites. Establishing your referring domains needs various backlink data sources. It also allows us to determine the social share magnitude and site authority of the linking pages.



When you are trying to migrate your website many things can go wrong. If you want to prevent the loss of valuable site traffic, you need to create a robust migration plan. eBuilderz technical SEO agency will help you migrate your website safely to another server. We do this by mapping all changed URLs from the old site to the new domain, benchmarking analytics performance, getting rid of duplicate content, monitoring traffic and rankings, managing 404 pages, and updating internal links.

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The performance of your website is a manifestation of various variables that work in synergy. You can count on eBuilderz technical SEO agency to do comprehensive site audits. We also perform conversion rate optimization (CRO), paid campaigns, backlink profiles, and competitor analysis. This allows us to come up with effective technical SEO tactics based on research and data.

Being an award-winning technical SEO company, eBuilderz SEO services Agency is also a reputable technical agency based in the United States. We have a team that is made up of Google-certified SEO specialists. Their work is to oversee projects from assessment to completion. Our job is to come up with data-driven technical SEO tactics. After that, we plan on how to implement the strategy. To ensure that our services deliver desirable results, we make sure that we are always updated with industry trends.

All our technical SEO tactics are future-proof. This means that you can expect your website to bring higher close rates thanks to our brand-tailored SEO solutions. eBuilderz offers highly efficient technical SEO services for Shopify, eCommerce, local businesses, franchises, and Amazon. Anything that hinders your website performance is removed and replaced with optimised page content. This helps to humanise your brand to make it appealing to both online users and search engines.

Our technical SEO agency will make it easier for you to track your SEO campaign performance. This allows you to stay on top of all your online activities without breaking a sweat. We have a well-trained team that gathers actionable insights by leveraging analytics. By doing so, we deliver desirable results to all clients. Other insightful information that you can expect from us includes monthly reports, regular consultations, and email updates. Such information is helpful to your website because it allows you to identify opportunities and marketing strengths and weaknesses.

Our initial consultation makes it easier for us to analyse and establish your marketing objectives, expectations, and current campaign status. By doing so, we make sure that all our goals are aligned with all our SEO tactics. Your website leads and traffic will increase thanks to our multiple distribution methods.

Our partnership with hundreds of companies across the United States helps our technical SEO company to boost our clients’ online presents. Carrying out thorough SEO technical audits allows our technical SEO team to identify and get rid of multiple recurring website problems. This also helps us execute SEO strategies that are backed with desirable results. multiple recurring website problems. This also helps us execute SEO strategies that are backed with desirable results.

We always check the latest algorithm updates and market trends in order to adjust our optimization strategies. This is done continuously as part of our ongoing SEO efforts. Everyday, we experience continuous SEO evolution and dynamic changes in search engines. Knowing these facts allows us to make proactive decisions and steps to ensure clients get high ranks in search engines results. You can count on our SEO team to adjust strategies accordingly and keep you on the loop on your campaign’s performance.

Why Partner With Ebuilderz

Technical SEO Agency

eBuilderz is a technical SEO company that has everything you need to make your brand thrive. Since businesses are unique, we offer our clients unique technical SEO tactics, tailored to meet their marketing goals. If it is hard for you to comprehend here are more reasons to convince you:

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eBuilderz isn’t your average service provider. Our company employs professional SEO experts and uses state of the art technologies. This allows us to meet established industry standards and SEO best practices. The main function of your website is to allow you to reach your potential clients and open your business to the world. Understanding this fact drives us to create in-depth SEO efforts based on how your business works and what you want to achieve.

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Our Clients Come First

Driving site traffic is not the only thing that we do to improve your website performance. We also know that what your clients think of your business is very important. Winning your clients’ trust will make it easier to convert them into loyal users. The informative content created by our writers helps to make your website visible to your visitors and search engines. The optimised content offered by our SEO firm makes websites easy to find on search engines. In a couple of months, you will start witnessing a substantial increase in site traffic and high site rankings.

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We don’t just come to you with empty words, we let our track record speak for us. It is quite hard to find a service provider that offers outstanding technical SEO services like eBuilderz. The company was established more than ten years ago. This means that we have the experience and what it takes to make businesses thrive and meet their goals. Our current and previous clients can attest to our excellent execution.



You can count on eBuilderz to deliver high-quality content that is easily picked by web users and search engines. The content is relevant to your niche, making it vital to our clients.



You can’t find reliable search marketing agencies without an effective strategy. Strategy is what makes SEO solutions work, therefore, our SEO specialists do plenty of research to establish effective strategies. Our clients are just like partners with common interests.



We put our whole into all projects that we take because we believe that every business has what it takes to thrive. Our reputation is always at stake which is why we never stop taking our work very seriously. All our clients are always grateful for our services no matter what businesses they are running.

Honesty and Transparency Is Our Policy icon

Honesty and Transparency
Is Our Policy

All the SEO strategies that eBuilderz offers are transparent and honest, that is why they always work. You will never experience Google penalties once you choose your SEO agency. We only use white hat SEO techniques in our strategy. We never use black hat SEO techniques because shortcuts are always costly. Google penalties can lead to grievous damage to your website that is why we don’t condone using shortcuts. eBuilderz technical SEO is your best shot to make your business reach its maximum potential.

Data Driven Results icon

Data Driven Results

Our success is highly attributed to constant research. Whenever we are about to take on a project, we make sure that we understand clearly what the client is aiming for before coming up with a strategy. Knowing what the client wants allows us to come up with the best strategy to help us improve technical SEO. There is no need to worry about the safety of your data and confidential information since they are kept private and safe all the time.


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Choose the best local SEO company to help you achieve new heights with your local SEO strategy. Choose. eBuilderz, let us show you how our local SEO firm can skyrocket your local SEO ranking and deliver positive campaign results.

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Creating an XML sitemap for a website is another example of technical SEO. You need to set your website correctly when establishing your technical SEO so that everything works as it should. This file needs to be crawled by Google and other search engines to understand what your site is all about.

The complexity of technical SEO depends on various aspects. It isn’t that difficult to master the fundamentals. However, understanding technical SEO can be challenging for some people.

The reason why a website needs to meet search system recommendations is that your SEO strategy largely depends on technical SEO. Multiple aspects make up the technical audit checklist. This makes it easy to rank and analyse the structure and content of a particular website.

Learning technical SEO may take you about 4-6 weeks up to 5-8 years. This will depend on factors such as the amount of time you are willing to spend, the level you want to achieve, your persistence, and your current experience. It will also rely on the resources you are willing to use.

Making your website easy to navigate and use and fixing technical issues makes technical SEO beneficial to your online business. Technical problems make it hard for users and search engines to make sense of what you are offering. Technical SEO execution allows you to lure organic traffic and turn it into a loyal clientele.

Technical SEO as any SEO work done aside from the content. On the other hand, off-page SEO means everything that is beyond the inside and the outside of the content. All the things that you do inside your content or website are referred to as On-Page SEO.

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