How Surveys Help Create More Effective Content For Your Website

How Surveys Help Create More Effective Content For Your Website eBuilderz featured image

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You know what they say; content is king! It may even be a phrase that you are tired of. However, we cannot deny that it is true. Interesting, unique, and engaging content is key if you want to stand out from the competition and climb up the search engine result pages.

It is not simply a case of building it, and they will come. You need to make sure that your content adds value to the reader. With 60% of marketers creating at least one piece of content each day, you need to do everything in your power to make sure your content is the best.

This begins before you put pen to paper. The research phase is critical, enabling you to gather unique insights that will engage the reader and cannot be found elsewhere. It is also about understanding your target consumer base and the sort of content they want to read.

With that being said, in this blog post, we will take a look at how you can use surveys to create the most effective content for your website.

Nothing is as Powerful as Good Data

According to a SurveyMonkey survey, 74 percent of readers find that content with data is more trustworthy than content that does not have data.

A simple statistic can work wonders for your post. It can briefly make a point in a manner that nothing else can. It can strengthen your arguments and lend credibility to your writing. Writing an effective survey can help you get the information you need to strengthen your content.

You can learn more about creating your custom survey online, yet we always recommend that you start by visualizing the result.

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The most successful surveys will address a single, clear research question. All of the other questions in the survey will be structured around this question.

If you do not have a research question behind the entire survey, it will not have any direction. If you simply have a “let’s see what we can find out about this topic” approach, the outcome will typically be superficial, unfocused, and disparate.

Nothing will make a more powerful impact than adding some statistics from your surveys to your content. Instead, you need to have a clear focus. This will help you to extract the data that you need so that you can make your content stronger and more compelling.

Surveys Help you to Truly Understand your Customers

One of the best things about surveys is that they enable you to better understand your customers and what they truly care about.

A big mistake that we see a lot of businesses and marketers make is simply creating content on subjects that they want to talk about. They feel that the customer should know this, so they take a topic and run with it.

However, you need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. You need to understand the pain points they are experiencing throughout the consumer journey. You also need to understand what they are interested in, what content will appeal to them the most, and how they prefer to consume content, i.e., via written blog posts or videos.

This will help you create a unique content strategy for your target consumer base, enhancing its effectiveness.

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The only way to learn about your customers is to ask them questions, which is why surveys are so important.

However, getting your customers to take the time to fill in a survey can be quite difficult. Only around nine percent of people take the time to thoughtfully answer long surveys.

ZenDesk has also revealed that abandonment rates are high, with 70 percent of people abandoning surveys without finishing them.

After all, we are all very time-poor today, so why should someone use their precious minutes to fill in a survey?

You need to make sure that people have an incentive for filling in your surveys. For example, you could give every person an entry into a competition for a great prize. Or, you could provide them with an exclusive discount code if they fill in the survey. This is also a great way of encouraging further sales from your website.

Once you have gotten someone to start filling in your survey, you need to make sure that they complete it. To do this, make sure your survey is not unnecessarily long. It must be easy to follow, so using a template is highly recommended.

It is also important to make sure you don’t have plenty of pop-ups ruining the experience and frustrating the customer.

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Build your Brand and Enhance your CTR

As opposed to the traditional CTR statistics, if you rank first for an unbranded search query, this does not mean you will get 30 percent of the clicks.

Even if a website ranks a little bit lower, a user is more likely to click on a site that looks familiar. This statistic alone shows why building a successful branding strategy is imperative. Strong brands will dominate first-page results while also driving the most sales.

But, you may be wondering what all of this means in terms of surveys. Well, results from surveys are excellent in terms of PR. Content products and bloggers are attracted to charts and numbers, and they will typically try to incorporate them into their stories.

You will also get testimonials and reviews from the participants whenever you survey people. This is known as social proof, and it plays a critical role in establishing trust.

However, keep in mind that using open questions is a must when it comes to testimonials and reviews. Ensure that you ask the survey participants for their permission to use any of their quotes.

They are well within their right to deny you permission, and if they do, you won’t be able to use anything they have said. The last thing you want to do is violate the data protection laws.

Unique Data will Earn you Backlinks, Mentions, and Social Shares

If you have worked with content before, we are sure you will know that making statements without relevant data will lower the value of your content.

However, if you collate data using surveys, you will have valuable identity research in your hand. Your primary data will be a highly linkable asset, meaning you will generate backlinks, mentions, and shares, which will only help you climb higher and higher in the search engine result pages.

You may have already heard that infographics and videos are more shareable when compared with text-based content. This is no surprise when you consider that we process visual information much quicker. Where you publish your data makes a difference, though, as does the format.

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Optimize your Content for zero-click Searches by using Survey Data

Google will directly answer your search query at the top of the page in a zero-click search, meaning you will not need to click on anything. These include featured snippets, instant answers, and knowledge graphs.

Your business can have more SERP real estate and build authority with these snippets. Users will have their search intent immediately satisfied, and your website ends up becoming the go-to resource for that specific search query.

With the data you gather from your online surveys, you will be able to answer the most pressing questions from users, which will be displayed at the top of the Google search engine result pages.

It is not just about answering any old question. It is about answering questions that people are interested in and providing answers that will satisfy their search intent.

Survey data appeals because you are not simply recycling data you have found on other sites. And, as mentioned earlier, once other websites start to refer to your data, your content will become more appealing for both Google and users.

Final Words

So there you have it: everything you need to know about how you can use surveys to create the most effective content for your website.

When you consider how competitive the online sphere is today, you need to give your business an edge, and surveys can help you do exactly that. It is all about understanding your customers better so that you can build content that they will truly enjoy and value.

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