How YouTube Count Views?

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YouTube has made so many people famous. This is a video sharing platform by Google that allows people to upload their videos for views which makes them famous and earn them some cash. So if you have an interesting video that you think people will love, YouTube is the best platform to upload your videos for views. But have you wondered how YouTube count views? According to YouTube, a view is a viewer initiated intentional play of a video. When it was first created, the view count would increase whenever a viewer loaded the video to view it.

This was fair enough for anyone who wanted to have uploaded his or her videos. However, this brought in vulnerabilities as anyone could easily increase his or her views artificially by reloading a video over and over. This made it easy to trick the system since the essence of YouTube’s homepage was to displays popularly viewed videos based on the number of views. It also made it easier for any video to appear on the front page, no matter how lame it was.

YouTube would have none of that and they decided to tighten the lead so that only legit YouTube views would count. They did this by adjusting the method used to count views. Nowadays, the reloading still applies when the views are less than 300 as this will not affect the platform. This way, the threshold to misuse the system will have less significance if any since the views are very few.

The View Tipping Point

The ball game changes when the view count exceeds 300. This means that the method of counting YouTube views changes for 301 and above views. The reason behind this figure is that YouTube believes that views above 300 will affect the quality videos by crowding its homepage artificially. Contrary to everyone’s opinion, freezing this the views at 301 won’t create any glitch. According to YouTube, freezing the count at this point allows employees to manually count the views to verify their legitimacy.

YouTube has discovered all the tricks on how to get more views on YouTube to inflate their views, including using bots that automate computer processes, refreshing videos hundreds of times, or accrediting videos that undeserving. What makes their system credible and reliable is that YouTube employees take their time to establish where the views are coming from.

If they find out that the views come from several similar computers, the video is removed. Therefore, you should not worry, when your video views freeze at 301 as this allows YouTube to verify the views manually to see if the figures are cooked or not. If they are legit, the actual view count will be released and the continuous increasing once again allowing you to monetize your YouTube views.

Views Exceeding 301

As I said, it’s a different ball game when views exceed 301. If you are planning to cheat the system by artificially manipulating or inflating the view count, don’t even bother since YouTube has a new algorithm to detect and eliminate fraudulent views. If you have tried the old refreshing method, I am sure you did not succeed as it no longer works. You also can’t use spambots or malware to cheat your way through the system as the algorithm will easily catch up with you.

YouTube has taken every security measure to ensure that no fraudulent views make it to the front page. These security measures are classified to make it hard for developing bots and malware to corrupt the system. It is hard to tell how YouTube audits views, however, you will know that your views are being audited if you notice fluctuation in the view count which shouldn’t worry you as it means that your views are being validated and if you acquired the views legitimately, there is no course for alarm as you will recover all your view counts. On the other hand, if the views were manipulated or artificially inflated, acquiring the viewed fraudulently, the video will be pulled or the views will be scrapped. Unscrupulous ways on how to get views on YouTube include:

  • Using spambots to manipulate the view counts
  • Malware virus and buying views from a third party
  • Reloaded videos repeatedly
  • Setting a video on auto-play ebbing on a website

Breaking Rules, Buying Views

Many companies wish to increase their popularity using YouTube Repeater. They do this by buying views from people to make their videos appear popular. This is used as an advertising strategy to promote their products. As much as it’s a very tempting method, purchasing views are prohibited on YouTube’s policy center page and the consequences can be devastating when YouTube catches up with you. YouTube has the authority to remove the video if it finds dumping evidence that you are buying views to boost your popularity.

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The Harm in Fraudulent Views

Obtaining views fraudulently creates a lot of problems especially in advertising. YouTube makes money from ads and featuring ads before a fraudulent video complicates the relationship between advertisers and YouTube. The value of advertisement decreases especially if placed before an undeserving video. People are mostly attracted by the video, and if the video doesn’t have the quality or interesting features that the viewer is looking for, it devalues the ads. YouTube, the advertiser, and owner of the video, all want to make money.

To make money from clicks and pay per impression, the views need to be legit. The matter worsens when people pay third party websites to increase views as it devalues YouTube’s ads. Brand recognition is increased by views and video creators know this very well, that is why fraudulent views are rampant on YouTube. This has not slowed down YouTube’s growth as its popularity continues to grow every day. The platform provides an ideal environment for individuals and companies to advertise and increase popularity.

Final sentiments

Businesses have realized YouTube’s potential in advertising that is why the number of companies advertising on YouTube has increased tremendously. We hope that the article has shed some light on the curiosity you had on how YouTube counts views. If you want to increase your video’s view count, provide quality content that people are looking for and avoid using fraudulent methods.

10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

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You only need as little as 6 hours a week to extend your market reach with little cost, thanks to social media marketing. This is the new age marketing technique that has received praise to many marketers who claim that it has immensely helped them boost their exposure, traffic, and sales. If you have not yet tapped into this influential marketing technique, you are doing your business a great injustice.

Since there are social networks and methods to boost any kind of business, the majority of business owners are not so sure of which one to use to improve their businesses. Going by Social Media Examiner founding, although 96% of marketers are actively using social media Influencing channels, only 11% of them are certain of which tactic to use to make the process successful. In this article, we are going to give you 10 advantages of social media as a marketing channel.

Increased Brand Awareness

One of the best ways to reach out to a new audience is to increase brand awareness and no marketing channel has the best reputation to achieve this than social media. This is the best marketing channel since it helps marketers to reach out to a massive audience by engaging them in direct or indirect conversation about a product. All you need to do is create social media profiles and start mingling and interacting with people you feel may be interested in your products or services. The next thing is to reach out to your employees, business partners, and sponsors and ask them to share or like your page increase your brand’s recognition.

More Inbound Traffic

Your business won’t grow if you only your loyal customers. With new products popping up every day, you need a marketing channel that allows you to stay ahead of your competition. With social media marketing, you will have an easier time reaching out to consumers who are outside you’re your loyal customer circle. For your business to excel, you need to maintain your loyal customers as well as convert new ones. By adding social media marketing to your marketing strategy, you create an entry point for people to discover you and what you are all about. Since this channel allows you to reach out to a massive audience with different backgrounds and behavior, you will find new consumers who are interested in what you are selling.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

You will need to put more effort into posting on social media if you want to make your business successful. Optimizing your site for search engine is a great strategy for higher ranking. Although you can’t expect social media to directly increase your website ranking, you will see a gradual change in traffic if you continue using social media for business as a marketing channel. If you are wise enough to incorporate targeted keywords in your social media posts, they will help your website rank higher. The fact is that everyone relies on Google to find information online and to rank better on Google you need to use quality content and effective keywords that will make your site secure a position on the first page since that is most people find what they are looking for.

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Higher Conversion Rates

By making your business visible to search engines and potential consumers, you allow it to create more opportunities for conversion which is a crucial element for a thriving website. You can do this by using blogs, images, videos, or comments on your social media posts. All these easily lead consumers to your website if placed strategically in your social media posts, giving you sufficient traffic. By using comments, sharing content, and updating your social media status, you give your business a human face which makes it easier to convert your prospect, since people prefer doing business with fellow people and not companies.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Most marketing channels are all about marketing and bombarding consumers with endless ads about a product. With social media, things are a bit different as besides being a marketing channel it is also a network and a communication platform. This means that it gives consumers a platform to give their honest opinion about a product or service. Social media also create a voice for your company allowing you to personalize your response which produces customer satisfaction.

Improved Brand Loyalty

Winning consumer loyalty is every business dream. Customer loyalty means increased and guaranteed sells and it’s hard to earn consumer loyalty without satisfying them. Engaging your customers regularly allows you to bond and create rapport between you and them. Social media is more than just a tool to promote products and or introduce to customers, it is also used to communicate directly to your customers informing them why they should opt for your products or services. If you manage to convince them, then you’ve got yourself some loyal customers.

More Brand Authority

To cover more ground and make your business more authoritative, you need two vital elements. These are customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Consumers will trust you more if you constantly post on social media, responding to their queries, and posting not just quality, but also original content. This demonstrates that you are not only after money but also solving their problems. When you have a good number of satisfied consumers, they can help you spread the word about your product through social media.


You won’t get a more cost-effective marketing channel like social media. Compared to other marketing channels, paid promotions are quite affordable and any kind of business including startups can promote their products using social media. As a business owner, all you need to do is sign up and create a profile – which is free for most social networks and start promoting your products by sharing your posts and asking your followers to share or like them. With lower marketing costs, you will have an increased return on investment.

Gain Marketplace Insights

Besides helping you to market your products and services, other benefits of social media include helping you to understand the market and strategize. You will first-hand information on what is trending and what your consumers are looking for. Like I said, social media offers more than just marketing as you are also able to communicate with your customers to find out what is trending and what they prefer.

Thought Leadership

One of the best ways to become an industry leader and an expert in your field is by writing insightful content on your social media page. There is no other better way. People will trust your brand if you show them that you have experience of what you are selling if you. And this can be proved with your content on your social media posts. Online presence is built by offering quality well researched and laid out content. If you can accomplish this in your social media content then you will have an effective marketing campaign.


Well, what are you waiting for? We have provided you with the best tips to help you make your social media marketing campaigns effective. As you plan to post your social media updates or promos, don’t forget to share with your friends and ask them to share or like your social media pages for effective reach and brand awareness.