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As methods of marketing keep evolving, people are finding new ways to reach out to new audiences. However, in the last couple of years, two methods are the most dominant. Of course, we are talking about social media marketing and email marketing. Today, we will discuss the differences between social media and email marketing and which one you should choose. Email marketing services help us gain more customers or clients, communicate our promotions, special offers, and deals, and regularly notify customers of any changes or special events that might occur in the future. However, which one of these methods is more popular, which can help you grow your business more? Hopefully, that is what we are going to find out in this article.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

As one of two main methods of marketing, social media marketing is becoming more and more popular. Regardless if we are discussing bigger or smaller businesses, this is usually the first thing companies resort to. Creating new and engaging content regularly that attracts followers and future customers to participate helps a company gain more reach. Moreover, social media marketing is more focused on selecting a targeted audience and engaging with them. This, hopefully, will lead to an improvement in your website or page traffic, which will further manifest in increased sales and revenue.

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What Is Email Marketing?

Unlike social media marketing, email marketing focuses more on personalized and more private conversations with a customer. Moreover, email is one of the most used forms of communication worldwide, and that might be one of the main reasons it is a bit more successful. However, when discussing differences between social media and email marketing, email marketing creates a more personal bond with the reader and has more effect. More importantly, email allows you to segment your audience and tailor each email according to the reader’s needs. Emails are mostly used to notify clients about upcoming changes, promotions, or special offers. On the other hand, one can sign to a newsletter email which means that a person is signing up for a weekly or monthly subscription of email information.

Differences between Social Media and Email Marketing

email marketing vs social media

As we can see above, these two ways of marketing are very similar. However, they both use different forms of communication and reach out to audiences. Now, one might wonder: If they are so alike, can there be any differences between the two?

Social Media Marketing Pros

● Connecting with the audience without being spammy: One of the main advantages of social media marketing is that you will not come off as “spammy” or “annoying” while posting multiple times in a day on your social media account. This might help you gain more audience and followers.

● Posting content for a specific audience: Another great advantage of social media marketing is that it allows you to select a specific audience to which you want to target your product or service. As social media allows users to share interests, you can segment your audience based on those interests.

Social Media Marketing Cons

● It can be expensive: Marketing your product or company on social media can attract many new people, but it can also be quite expensive. The ROI (return of investment) is not as high as one might think.

● Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can be devastating: The internet never forgets. If marketing on social media, every post or ad has to be exact and precise. Any false information or bad content can easily create a mess.

Email Marketing Pros

● Allows segmentation of audience: Unlike social media marketing, email marketing allows you to segment your audience according to those interacting with your brand and those who did not. This means that you can have different email campaigns amongst different customers or clients.

● High ROI: Email marketing has a high ROI rate. According to recent studies, you get a return of approximately 43 dollars for every dollar you spend on email marketing. Because you do not have to pay anything extra to write emails, this is a great advantage.

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Email Marketing Cons

● Condoning the marketing often is not good: Social media praises constant engagement with customers. On the other hand, emails do not. Sending a couple of emails a week even can come off as spammy and annoying. Therefore, you should try and make your statements in one email.

● Emails must attract the reader: The main flaw of an email is that you have to make it as presentable as possible. A bad subject, or headline, for example, will most likely not make the reader even want to open an email. This is one of the main differentiation between social media and email marketing. Social media allows users to engage without a reader, while an email does not.

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Finally, Which One is the Best Choice?

Ultimately, choosing the right tool for your business promotion will mostly depend on your marketing goal. For instance, whether you want to increase your website flow or upgrade customers into loyal customers. Each of these two methods provides an adequate advantage to them. However, not utilizing each of them in a proper manner will bring bad results. Instead, learn the differences between social media and email marketing and use them to your advantage. As they can both create great benefits for your business, you should try and utilize them both. For example, social media will be great for attracting new people and allowing them to engage in your content. On the other side, email marketing will help you create a strong bond with clients and earn their trust and loyalty.

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