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Long forms are frustrating and bore visitors most of the time. That is why most of them give up in the middle of the form-filling process. This leads to a low conversion rate, which is bad for business. What if I told you that there is a way to get rid of this? Yap, you can help your visitors enjoy and finish filling their forms with a multi-step form.
Multi-step forms are also known as malt-page or multi-part forms. These forms are loved by many since they improve users to experience an increased conversion. To create an effective multi-step form, you need a great form building plugin. That tool for me is Formidable Forms. This is the best form builder. It has the right features to create performing multi-step forms.

In this article, we are exploring the various features of Formidable Forms that make it great. However, before diving into it, let’s first explain to you why you need a multi-step form. This will convince you of how important it is to build one on your website.

Benefits of a Multi-step Form

A super long-form is a bomber, and many people dislike it because it removes the excitement in form filling. Most of us have come across some of these forms in various websites. I am sure 90% did not finish the process due to boredom. According to Manifest, 81% of people have abandoned a form before completing it. Out of this number, 27% of them gave up because the form was too long.

Using a multi-step form increases conversion rate by 214%. That is, according to Instapage. If you are still using long forms, it’s high time you split them up into pages. This thing will make it easy for your visitors to fill them up. Any part of a form that reduces the conversion rate is called friction. Well, I think it good that you know this.
To the end-user, a long-form seems like hard work since he only wanted to get some information. People visit websites to find solutions to problems, not the other way round. Long forms lead to friction, which reduces the chances of your visitors converting.

The best way you get rid of friction in your forms is to build short forms in multiple pages, aka – multi-step forms. If you won’t want your visitors to enjoy the form filling process, then this offers the solution. Besides increasing the conversion rate, you can also use multi-step forms to create quizzes and longer surveys. This helps you to understand your target audience better.

Multi-step forms also help you to get more customers if you are selling services on a website. Now you will get to know the importance of building multi-step How to Increase Conversion Rate by Adding a Multi-Step Form in forms let’s now look at best practices of a multi-step form.

Best Practices of Multi Step Forms

If you knew how crucial web traffic is, you would spend every dime on optimizing every aspect of your website. However, this will take ages to work. First things first. Here are some best practices of a multi-step form.
First, gather name & email – By doing this, you can follow up on users who abandoned their forms by sending them emails. The one thing they need to do is fill out the first page of the form and click next. If you don’t have a multi-step feature, you can’t do this.

Optimize your call to action button – Another important thing you should remember when using a multi-step form is to change the text on the form button. This is to let them understand that there is another page. For example, you can change it to “Next →. ”

Split form steps logically – By grouping you form fields logically, you make it easier for your users to understand how to fill out the form quickly. You should group payment and shipping for easier navigation.

Add a progress bar – By including a multi-step progress bar, you simplify things for your users when filling out your form. They can easily navigate between pages. A progress bar also shows how far they need to go before finishing the process. Users can also go back to change anything if there was a mistake.

Add a summary page if necessary – A summary page is powerful when included in multi-step forms. This allows users to preview their forms before submitting them. This also allows them to rectify mistakes.

These guidelines will help you create effective multi-step forms. However, there are also many things you can do to generate more leads.

For me here is one of the best reviews on How to Create Custom Calculators with the Formidable Form Plugin

Creating a Multi-part Form in using Formidable Forms

1. Create a Form in

Creating a form in your admin is the first thing you need to do. Start by installing and activating the Formidable Forms plugin on your website. After activating this plugin, follow the steps to install the Pro version so that you can unlock multi-step forms.
Once you are done, click on Formidable >> Add New, to create a new form. Formidable Forms allow you to create any kind of form. In this case, let’s create a contact form.

2. Split up your form with page breaks

The next thing to do after creating your form is to add page breaks. With page breaks, you can easily create your multi-step forms. Formidable Forms had a drag and drop page builder to help you break pages. All you need to do is head over to Advanced Fields and drag the Page Break field into your form.

Multi step form- Formidable Forms Page Break
You can give each page a name after splitting them into at least two pages. This is done in the Form Settings, where you will have to set the Pagination setting to Show Progress Bar. The user is also allowed to adjust the Page Titles, hide the Page Numbers, or hide the Pagination Lines. Help your visitors further by checking the box labeled Show page titles with steps and label your pages.

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3. Design a progress bar

Your progress bar design should match your site design. It should blend with the site and not look weird. Before that, you need to choose the right Pagination. You can do that from the Form Settings tab with these two options:

    The Progress Bar – Formidable progress bar

Mlti step form- multipage progress bar

    The Roofline – Formidable Roofline

Multi step form- multipage rootline

When you are done picking the one you like, you need to tweak the design. Go to Formidable >> Styles >> Progress Bars for color schemes.

4. Insert the multistep form to your site

  • Formidable Forms offers several ways to publish a form. These are:
  • Inserting with a shortcode builder
  • Adding the form shortcode manually
  • You can insert your multistep form using a form block
  • Displaying a form in the sidebar using the Formidable Form
  • Users with technical knowledge can insert forms using PHP

Configure optional form settings once you are done inserting your forms, it’s time to configure a few optional settings in your forms. If you choose to, you can configure form settings, form notifications, or Formidable form settings. Advanced features include conditional logic.


That is how easy it is to set up a multi-step form on your website. We trust that this was informative, and you can add a multi-step form in your website using the Formidable Forms plugin. This will help you reduce multi-step form abandonment and increase conversion rate.

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