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We have countless tools that are used to develop web apps in the web industry. However, very few works as expected and are not easy to implement. One of the best and effective techs in the web app industry is .Net. To get the best of this Framework, a .NET developer is needed. His responsibilities are to develop, tailor, and design web apps that the client’s needs. This kind of developer also provides support for continuous development. 

.Net was launched 17 years ago by Microsoft, since then, it has provided wonderful services. We have also seen great updates from this tech up to now. Hiring .Net developers give benefits like best UI practices & multiple language acceptance when building web applications. 

.NET Developer

What is .NET?

.NET is a web app framework created by Microsoft, and it is used to build online software. Microsoft has created much software, but this is one of its best creations. The reason why many people love .NET is because of performs well both cloud and local networks in Windows. 

7 Quick Facts About the .NET Framework

For people who want to consider .NET, we have ten important things they need to understand about this tool. 

.NET is not only for Windows or PC users. 

When it was first released, but .Net was also only meant for Windows. Currently, the Framework works with other operating systems, including Mac OS X or Linux. What makes this possible is a set of tools called .NET Core. These tools consist of runtime, library and compiler components, used for creating apps that run on Windows. All these tools are open source on GitHub, which means that they contribute.

Any developer can contribute to .NET 

Any developer can make contributions in .Net since several parts of .NET were made available under open-source licenses. Roslyn, which is a C# compiler, was made open source under the Apache License by Microsoft. You can download the Roslyn source code from GitHub and also get guidelines on participation & contribution. 

Where does C# fit in?

Pronounced as “see-sharp,” C# is the code language used to write .NET and is used to increase productivity. Since it is object-oriented, experts can boost garbage collection, type-safety, or simplified type declarations. The programming language also provides scalability that simplifies and speeds up the process.

Where does Visual Studio fit in all of this?

Visual Studio provides the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for writing C# or .NET programs. What makes it popular is its support for debugging, server management, interface design, code editing, etc. Visual Studio is free to download. 

How big is the .NET Library?

Brands love .NET because it has a massive collection of predefined class libraries or pre-written code. The pre-written code integrates complex and simple data structures in the web app building process. This allows experts to depend on hundreds of developers who have written code into your program. With .NET, tech experts also get libraries for encryption, security, and database access.

ASP.NET – A Tool for the Web

The most profound feature of .NET is ASP.NET, used to design websites and web pages, using CSS, HTML, server scripting, and JavaScript. Any of .Net languages are used to write ASP.NET web apps.

.NET is used by many companies and brands 

Many brands like Accenture, Epic Systems, Dell, TCS, and HCL trust .NET that’s why they use it. Other companies in Detroit that use this tech include Quicken loans and TitleSource. 

Duties and Tasks of Net Developers

Experts using the .NET design, implement, correspond, and develop web apps for brands and clients. Additionally, .NET software engineers analyze problems related to the project. They provide what the system requires for web design when they develop apps. System requirements are later applied in the design mix of components and interface.

This kind of technician is specialized in concrete tasks. The sort of projects that involve building software for various techs. Another task that a Dot net developer does is to provide support for field activity while acting as a project manager. 

He handles many tasks, including bug fixing in digital products and also building web ups from scratch. 

Tasks of a .NET developer

  • Design, implement and develop software
  • Analyze problems and identify what the system requires
  • Interface and components design
  • Manage .NET apps
  • Manage different-sized software projects 
  • Assists the support team

.NET Developer Skills

NET MVC (Model View Controller)

All over the globe, ASP.NET MVC is spreading fast, and ASP.NET developers are needed. It has replaced many of its rivals. Everyone in the tech world needs to master .NET skills since the web sector has advanced. This tech has helped many experts to make effective and secure apps faster. This is the first skill they look for in experts in this field. 

Improve SQL skills 

In the tech world, data is what rules, and you can simply get a job if you have great SQL skills. Whether you are an expert in Microsoft SQL Server or MYSQL, you should be able to structure and maintain data as a developer. Experts who specialize in data & data science have high chances of a job as .NET developers in different sectors. 

Understanding of client-side technologies

Building effective and trendy web apps that are catchy and interactive should be the aim of any .Net developer. The market value of such skill will go up as demand grows. To succeed, you need to have sufficient knowledge of client-side tech. These include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap. When hiring, check whether a developer has these language skills as they are very important. 

Database application

Since data plays an important part when building apps, the same applies to .NET development. You should not only have Microsoft’s own SQL database skills as an offshore developer. You need to also have Experience in tech such as NoSQL. The more skilled .NET experts are about language, the more efficient their apps will be. 

MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer)

Nowadays, what companies and brands are looking for is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD). This skill is highly searched for. One of the reasons is that Microsoft maintains its software every two years. They love this because the code quality is quite high. Need certification? You can apply here. 

Microsoft MVP(Most Valued Professional)

One of the most valued certification in the market is Microsoft MVP. When you hire .NET experts with Microsoft certification, you will get value for your money. This is because you are guaranteed of high leadership qualities in this software. 

The more Experience, the better

You don’t expect to have Experience if you don’t invest your time and money. If you are a developer in the .NET field, you need several years to properly understand the tech and processing it perfectly. This will equip you with enough knowledge to handle complex app projects easily. 

Besides this, you also have to get involved directly in research and programming on Microsoft’s platform. Take advantage of various tutorials and online courses on code languages and tech. This skill is highly demanded by companies, and you won’t sleep hungry! 

Develop your app

Before settling down to design an app for a company or business, it’s important to create your own Windows application first. This is a great way to explore the challenges that are likely to occur working with .NET. They say that Experience is the best teacher, and this also applies to any tech. 

You also get to know what to expect while working with big brands. Besides this, you will also learn to write code easily when you first design your apps. This means that you won’t have the pressure of meeting deadlines. And you can also get help from other developers. 


When you decide to hire .Net developers, don’t just wait for the project to end. You can always inquire about how to implement a project in theory and practice. It is always good to look at their previous work to check whether the client was content. You should also check whether they met the deadline agreed. 

If they didn’t, what was the reason and how the client was compensated? I hope I have answered your question on what is .NET programming. And you have enough information about .NET developers and development, and you are now ready to start your journey as a .NET developer.


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