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Did you know that WordPress powers about 42% of the web community? There are numerous reasons why top brands and startups develop their Content Management Systems (CMS) around WordPress.

First, WordPress is easy to install and use, even for beginners. Its dashboard was built to help users maintain and customize their websites without technical issues. It also requires minimal coding and offers excellent scalability.

There’s more; WordPress is flexible, SEO-friendly, cost-effective, highly secure, and particularly suitable for blogging. It allows for easy social media integration and is W3C compliant. There are so many features to love about this amazing platform.

So, if you want to make the switch from other platforms to WordPress, you’re making the right decision. However, you’ll need an experienced WordPress developer to build a premium website that suits your business goals.

This article will discuss the essential tips for hiring WordPress developers that will blow your mind. Let’s get started.

Top Five Tips for Hiring the Best WordPress Developers

Top Tips for Hire Developer-WordPress Developers

Your WordPress website is only as good as its developer. It can be hard to choose with numerous techies parading as seasoned WordPress developers. So, you must take the necessary steps to ensure that you hire the best ones.

However, you’ve got all you need to contract the right ones for your site with these tips.

You can’t tell your developer to do whatever they like. Clarify your needs, goals, and objectives; the first step to hiring the best WordPress developer is determining what you want to achieve. That way, you can specifically search for the experts that will bring your dreams to reality.

So, what is your website for— blogging, eCommerce, magazine? What are your goals? What specific features do you need to see on your website; would you love a custom theme?

Be as clear and concise as possible. Not only must you know your needs, goals, and objectives, but you must also write them down for who you choose to work with to understand them too. Your WordPress developer may do a great job without doing this, but you wouldn’t be satisfied.

Set your budget

Regardless of your website preferences, a budget can be the determining factor in choosing the better developer of two choices. Again, it will ensure that you don’t run into debts or financial problems while building a website. The best developers will charge just right for their services — not too little and not excessive.

While drafting your budget, you can ask around to understand the average WordPress developer’s pay expectations. However, be willing to exceed your budget slightly when you meet a developer with years of experience and advanced skills.

Again, note that a WordPress developer isn’t automatically incompetent if they charge less than you expected. It’s okay to go with such offers if tested and trusted.

Search in the right places

Now that you’ve set your goals and budget, it’s time to search for your WordPress developer. The question, though, is “where?”

You can start by asking your friends and family to refer you to developers they’ve worked with. The chances are that if they loved their performances, you might like them too. You can also leverage platforms like LinkedIn by asking your contacts to suggest experienced WordPress developers based on your needs.

As much as possible, avoid doing a blind search online or via job listing sites for just about any freelancer.

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Check Portfolios and ask the right questions

When you’ve found WordPress developers to consider, you can narrow your choice by checking their portfolio.

Ask relevant questions that help you to determine their work history. Specifically, ask for their experience with WordPress and not just any platform. That’s because a general developer may not have the requisite knowledge of WordPress-specific languages and skills.

Also, you can ask questions to determine their approach to work. How fast can they deliver on a project? Have they worked on similar projects in your industry previously? These are some of the questions you must ask.

Test their values and test their skills.

These are the final and essential steps in the hiring process. After asking your prospects the right questions, you can use their answers to determine their values. Check that their values align with your fundamental principles and desires.

For example, were they able to communicate their answers? Did they answer your questions confidently, honestly, and appropriately? Does their answer show that they’re qualified for the job?

If you’re satisfied with their answers, it’s now time to test how good they truly are at their jobs. You can do this by asking a third-party developer to check and review their codes.

A much better and less time-consuming option is using the WordPress test to hire developers. The test lasts a few minutes. It can determine your prospect’s success in WordPress administration, customization, plugin development, and security and database.

Why do you need a WordPress developer?

Why you need a WordPress developer-WordPress Developers

As a business owner, you need a quality website to ensure your brand’s visibility and generate maximum profit. For the best results, you must be intentional about developing a premium website that matches your business goals.

While WordPress is easy to install, you’ll need WordPress developers to set your website up if you’re not an expert. Here’s why:

High-quality work

Like we mentioned earlier, premium websites produce premium results. Only an experienced WordPress developer has the requisite knowledge to develop a suitable website to scale your business. They’ll do that in a little time too.

A seasoned WordPress developer understands how to attract your target customers to your website. As such, they’ll develop a website that captivates your potential clients and keeps them glued.

You can leverage their knowledge of various web development languages to provide amazing features for your website.

Web and data analytics

More than just building your website, it’s important to know how well it’s performing. By analyzing web data, you can optimize your site for better results.

An experienced WordPress developer is an expert in web and data analytics. They’ll develop systems that measure your visitors’ behavior and gather information from various data to grow your website.

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Ample technical support

You’re bound to encounter technical challenges with your website, from error messages to broken links and many more. Those issues can impact your website’s quality and repel your customers when left unattended.

If you’re not technologically inclined, a web developer can support any technical issues you may encounter. They can provide you with training on how to maintain your site.

They may also offer post-deployment support to attend to the challenges you encounter after the website launch.

Security and confidentiality

WordPress comes with built-in security, so even when you set up your site by yourself, it’s safe to an extent. However, if top-notch data security and hacking prevention are your priority, getting a WordPress developer is necessary.

Your website developers can guide you on the best practices to secure your site and avoid hacking. They’ll create and maintain secure plugins and install extra security features to guarantee data protection.


One of the primary reasons to avoid setting up your website yourself is the limited customization features you’ll have. You may do one or two with WordPress’s available themes and plugins. However, you wouldn’t be able to create new ones to suit your needs.

With WordPress developers, there’s no such limitation. They create, modify, and remove plugins, features, and coding according to your preferences.

Essential qualities of a good WordPress developer

An excellent WordPress developer will possess all of these qualities and more:


Your developer’s painstaking accuracy and attention to detail are what make your website stand out from the rest. Every experienced and competent WordPress developer understands this. As such, they’ll put extra effort into ensuring that they deliver an excellent job.

Communication skills

Remember that you’re entering a contract with your WordPress developer. Like every other contract, a clear presentation of terms, conditions, and expectations are essential for avoiding conflict.

So, ensure that your developers understand your requirements and communicate theirs in clear terms.

Expertise and continuous learning

The best-suited WordPress developers are experts in everything relating to the WordPress ecosystem. Only expert and experienced WordPress developers can give you the best guidance on running your website.

They must also show a desire to learn the latest trends and technological advancements in WordPress development as they come.


Honest professionals are the easiest to work with. They tell you what they can and can not do from the get-go. They also have a knack for meeting deadlines.


If you’re building a WordPress website for the fun of it, then you can DIY. However, if you’re building a professional website to compete with other businesses, you’re better off with a WordPress developer.

To get quality developers for your projects, you must consider their values, experience, and character. This article has provided you with the essential tips you need to make the best choice.

With them, you can be sure to land the best-suited WordPress developers for your site. They’ll provide you with the best WordPress experience ever.


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