How To Transform Your Printing Business From Offline to Online

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Printing Business-Offline to Online

The world is now a digital marketplace where every business is expected to be online. This is because customers have shifted from in-store purchases to buying products online. In 2020, over 80% of customers worldwide shopped online, and the number keeps growing yearly.

Therefore, your printing business must be digital to attract customers and grow effectively. However, if you don’t know how to achieve this, you are in the right place. This article discusses simple yet effective ways to put your printing brand online.

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7 Ways to Move your Printing Business from Offline to Online

offline to online

It’s not enough to move a printing business online. You must do it effectively to gain the visibility and sales required to grow your brand. Below is a step-by-step process to adopt when transforming a printing brand from offline to online.

Conduct market research

conduct market research

Market research involves gathering information about the target market. It examines the industry and competitors, identifies audiences, and studies their demographics and psychographics. It helps business owners understand customers’ perceptions and expectations to deliver accordingly.

Therefore, a crucial step to successfully moving a printing business online is to perform market research. First, identify the target audience, where they are, and their interests. Also, discover their challenges, needs, and how they expect you to meet them.

Market research doesn’t stop at audience analysis; it also evaluates competitors and trends. So, select the top companies in your industry and examine their activities. Then, analyze their strategies and shortcomings to make improvements when starting your business online.

Additionally, examine existing industry trends to introduce in your activities. It will generate attraction and draw customers to your business.

Summarily, market research provides insight into the audience’s pain points, competitors’ activities, and industry trends to achieve the best results online when moving your printing brand.

Create a marketing plan

A marketing plan consists of processes required to achieve a business’s goals. It includes what you must do to attract and retain customers, including value proposition, target consumers demographics, psychographics, actionable goals, etc.

It’s critical to develop a functional marketing strategy because it is the roadmap that reveals where the business is headed and what needs to be done to get there. This knowledge helps you direct resources and efforts into bringing and keeping customers.

So, develop a marketing plan with short and long-term goals. Then list the processes involved to reach your objectives. This may include marketing campaigns, social media strategy, content strategy, and the metrics to measure results.

Essentially, create an actionable, realistic marketing plan that provides the clarity required to run your printing business successfully online.

Have a USP

Many existing printing businesses are online, so it’s crucial to customize your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to stand out. A USP is a value you offer that differentiates you from other brands.

It could range from impeccable customer service to affordability, quick delivery, etc. Always communicate your Unique Selling Proposition clearly to give your target audience reasons to choose you and not the competition.

Build your social media presence

social media presence

Social media is a must-have when transforming an offline business online. Currently, about 4.62 billion people use social media. This shows how many customers you can acquire by becoming active across social media platforms. 

So, study your audience and figure out the social media channels. Figuring this out will help you focus and channel efforts into the platforms yielding the best outcomes.

Marketing products on consumers’ active platforms lets you meet them where they are. So, determine where customers frequent and engage them there. For example, if your target customers spend most of their time on Facebook, consider creating a Facebook account and building an active and engaging presence.

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Create a website

A website is a necessity when trying to attract and engage online customers. Research reveals that 8.5 billion Google searches are conducted per day, showing that websites are a major platform for customers to discover your brand.

Therefore, create a website with an excellent User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX). It should be responsive, easy-to-navigate, and allow consumers to find information quickly. In addition, the websites’ design should reflect your business values, showcase its personality, and be functional to facilitate tasks.

Also, optimize the website for SEO to boost visibility. All these allow you to create good first impressions and enjoyable experiences for users.

Furthermore, you can display products, including flyers, cards, booklets, etc. This way, customers can visit your website to shop for their desired items without physical interaction.

Use the web to print software

Web to print software are tools that process print orders. With this software, you can create a digital storefront and optimize its speed for users to order print products and customize them based on their preferences.

Also, it streamlines activities and facilitates customers’ satisfaction. For example, you can create ready-made designs that shoppers can personalize for their needs. Besides, you can centralize purchase, billing, and shipping activities, saving management costs and making the experience easier for consumers.

Adopting a web to print software extends your ordering capabilities online. Shoppers can make requests from wherever they are, at any time. So, they don’t have to visit your location or wait for you to open your physical store.

Produce booklets

Booklets are a prominent print item in high demand by businesses. They present companies’ information in indigestible bits, making them essential for marketing campaigns, business proposals, etc.

Therefore, introducing booklets into your products’ catalog lets you meet many businesses’ needs, enhancing sales. However, note that brochures are not one-size-fits-all; they come in various types and sizes. To find out the different sizes available, learn more about printing a booklet with Helloprint.

However, do not limit your production to booklets; offer other print items. Finally, make your online printing business a centralized hub for different print products like business cards, flyers, brochures, envelopes, etc. The more diversified your company is, the more visibility it gets.

Benefits of moving your printing business online

benefits of moving business-Offline to Online

Transforming a printing brand to the digital space benefits the business in the following ways:

Expands your reach

Taking printing businesses online extends your market. It doesn’t restrict you to customers in a locality; instead, it gives your brand a national or global identity. Ultimately, this increases sales because the target audience can order from wherever they are, and you can deliver to them from your location.

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Allows you to compete with thriving businesses

Online printing allows you to market your services alongside competitors. As a result, you can grow your reputation, win customers over easily, and reach your marketing goals quickly.

Enables constant availability

Establishing an online printing business allows you to stay open 24/7. Users can access the website to order, ask questions and find information anytime.

Also, they can perform a self-service by selecting templates and customizing them to their preference without help. This allows you to focus on other responsibilities while generating passive revenue.

Provides the opportunity to handle multiple orders

Customers request as many products as they need online. So, rather than ringing your phone for multiple orders, they can request them on the website.

Additionally, because there’s a centralized hub for purchase, payments, and invoicing, it’s easier to receive large orders as you won’t have to alternate between several platforms.

Allows you to target customers efficiently

As an e-commerce print business, adopting the right tools helps direct your marketing efforts. With accurate data on customers and sales, you have the insight required to target the right people and introduce marketing strategies that enhance sales.

Eliminates stress and maximizes costs

Moving print businesses online involves automating many activities, from shipping to marketing. Also, you can expand your market without opening additional physical stores, thereby saving costs.

Lastly, channel your marketing efforts to the right areas to achieve a high return on investment.

Boosts consumer satisfaction

When running an online printing business, you can make your activities easier with online printing tools like web to print software. This software lets you meet customers’ unique needs because they can state their requirements, and you can print accordingly. They can also customize a template and edit it to suit their purposes.

Additionally, an online printing business makes the purchase experience flexible and convenient for buyers. First, they can order from any location, eliminating commuting to a physical store. Finally, they can select print products, order, pay, and ship from a centralized platform, thereby enjoying a simplified experience.


E-commerce print business is highly profitable and crucial to succeeding in today’s marketplace. However, transforming an offline printing company into an online brand can be challenging, so this article discussed seven easy ways to run your business digitally.

So, understand the market, plan, communicate your USP, and stay active on social media. Additionally, launch a website, use the web to print software, and offer various print products to meet consumers’ demands. As a result, you’ll have increased customer satisfaction, expand your reach, eliminate stress, and maximize costs.

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