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Building a directory site requires a tool with the features that help you achieve your set objectives. Whereas there are tons of options available on the web, not all will satisfy your unique directory needs.

If you are looking for a WordPress directory plugin, you are sure to get lots of them when you Google. However, there are several things you should consider when choosing a WordPress directory plugin for your site. Here they are:

  • It should be compatible with any WordPress theme.
  • It should include listings templates.
  • The templates should be easy to customize.
  • A good business directory software WordPress sites require should allow the styling of forms.
  • An intuitive user interface is highly recommended.
  • The tool should have an option for searching directory listings.
  • It should allow users to edit their listings and automatically generate listings pages.
  • If it allows both free and paid listings, the better.
  • Check if it has a drag and drop form builder.

The WordPress directory plugin you have may not help if any of these features are missing. Luckily, Formidable is here for you. It includes all these desirable features and more.

Many WordPress developers continue to find Formidable a perfect tool when it comes to creating online directories. You probably want to have a feel for it. Here it is for free!

We assure you the possibilities Formidable presents you with are limitless and exciting. You don’t want to go elsewhere. Shortly, we will unpack its top features for you to see what we mean. Formidable is the business directory software WordPress users ranging over 300,000 use to power their sites.

 Formidable Views are exceptional

business directory software - formidable forms

The Formidable View is an excellent feature that lets you take form data and display it on your website. This can be done in several ways. Users can key in their data, and the software will automatically create a well-formatted listing.

If you love variety, then Formidable views are all you need. You’ll be able to display listings in many different ways. That isn’t possible with most WordPress directory plugins that only have the typical listings view and profile view.

Also, you can read Formidable Forms WordPress Form Builder

Don’t limit yourself. Make the most of Formidable Views. You can use the Views with form data shortcodes. Besides, you can do it without writing a single code. Also, you can use your PHP skills to increase the volume with little restrictions.

Enjoy the three outstanding view templates

Are you the type of user that likes a solution that is easy to understand and use? We’ve got you covered. The Formidable directory software has three templates that help you create a custom directory in a stress-free way.

Business directory template

As the name suggests, the business directory template is a good tool for creating business directories. You can use it to create a local directory of businesses to help users find local businesses in a specific area with ease. Incorporating Google maps makes it even more exciting and helpful.

The business template makes Formidable a perfect fit for the business directory software WordPress sites require.

Staff/Team directory template

You can build a staff directory for your staff members, thanks to the Staff/Team directory template. There is a pre-built form that enables you to add your staff members. You then press “Submit,” and the directory will be created. And you do not have to create additional connections because the created directory works with any WordPress website.

User directory template

Formidable help whenever you need a user directory. You can allow the users to add a profile to get listed in your directory. If you want, you can include the advanced search option to make finding users easier.

Automatic listing generation

You can create directory pages the way you want by defining the form data that should appear on individual pages. Your listings will be automatically generated. Multiple pages can be generated by submitting a single directory listing.

You can generate a listing page, or a profile page from the data users provide about themselves. The pages will be generated automatically the way you want. All you have to do is to set them using Formidable Views.

The cutting-edge choice for form building

You will agree with us that forms are an essential part of the internet. They facilitate the searches you do on the internet. Making online purchases involves the use of forms. Signing up for a newsletter involves forms. What about creating an online account? You see, the list goes on and on.

Forms are some of the most crucial components of directory listings. You required a form to collect information from your audience for your directory listing. The form should be available all the time to allow users to key their data whenever they want.

And if you are wondering how to get this most advanced form builder, here you go!

See More:- How to Create Custom Calculators with the Formidable Form Plugin

Let’s drag and drop

When drag and drop form builders for WordPress started, Formidable was part of it. It was released over a decade back. And it remains one of the most instinctual and advanced drag and drops form builders today.

In short, we began as a form builder. We delight ourselves on the fact that we now power entire sites, including directory listings sites. Building listing pages with Formidable is an enjoyable task with endless possibilities.

business directory software - drag and drop

Lots of form templates

You can use a single form to create a listings site, and templates wouldn’t be a pain. But what when building a website that requires multiple forms? It would help if you had a site development tool that facilitates that. And that is where Formidable comes in handy. It includes many templates, e.g., Calculator forms, Contact forms, Survey forms, and more.

Multi-page forms with progress bars

Businesspersons prefer a directory listing that allows them to add as much information as they want about their businesses. This may not be possible with simple directory sites with a single form. Therefore, you need multi-page forms.

However, note that a directory site with too many compulsory forms to fill is a turnoff. Not many users will like it. Also, avoid very long forms on your site. Why? Because long forms tend to convert at a much lower rate compared to short forms.

The beauty of Formidable multi page forms is that you can collect user information in small portions. That means the users won’t wait long for the conversion process to go through. Besides the improved conversions, you will also get more accurate data. That’s not all – there are progress bars to help you see how far the conversion process is.

business directory software - progress bar

Review before submit

You don’t want extra admin work. A feature that lets users double-check their data before it gets published is desirable. So, the review before submitting the feature makes things much easier for you.

This feature is also ideal when you don’t want to create a provision for front-end editing on your site. You are sure to reduce back and forth emails when you let users submit accurate data.


Multiple file upload forms

Users want a way to upload multiple files at once in a situation where many files are required. It can be tiring to upload a single file at a time when you have lots of them to upload. Creating a business directory software listing site might need multiple files from the users.

Using Formidable lets your users upload multiple files at one go. Plus, you can set the type of files that are allowed and the ones that are not. If you want to set the maximum file size, Formidable allows that. Of course, it is important to set the maximum file size for your listing site to be efficiently optimized for speed.

multiple file upload

Smart forms with conditional logic

Users will never be the same for your listings site. Different industries have different information. The data you collect about, say, a manufacturing company is different from a college’s data. Even different departments within the same organization have different data.

The conditional form logic gives you the ability to tailor forms to the users’ unique needs. You can make your forms conditional based on location, the type of business, or industry. What’s more, Formidable gives you the freedom to set whatever conditions you want.

business directory software - conditional form logic

Effective Spam protection

Spam can be so nagging. So, it will be the best if you had good-quality spam protection for your directory listing site. Luckily, Formidable has excellent spam protection. It has two layers of spam protection, something an ordinary WordPress directory software may not have.

There is the invisible honey-pot spam protection. This works in the background of the forms you create on your directory listing site. And then there is reCapture. The two integrate on whichever form you want to improve security.

business directory software - spam protection

Paid listings incorporating eCommerce and payment gateways

When it comes to monetizing listings, Formidable simplifies it for you. You can collect both free and paid listings through the listings submission forms. And if you plan on going beyond free and paid listings, you’ll love the eCommerce option.

eCommerce module

The Formidable eCommerce pricing fields enable you to create pricing options on your listings. It makes possible for users to pay for a featured listing. Plus, you can make some options exclusive by simply putting them behind a paywall.

Payment calculation and collection can be done on the same form. Let’s stick this on your mind: There are no limits with Formidable.

ecommerce module

The most popular payment gateways

Payment matters are sensitive and require a lot of trusts. Therefore, you don’t want to take chances. And so, having the right payment gateways assures trust. Formidable supports payments with Paypal, Stripe, or

Star ratings

Star ratings are now common on the internet. If you like it, Formidable enables you to add star rating options wherever you want on your page. Not many WordPress directory plugins give you the freedom to put the ratings wherever you want.

So, you can see the level of flexibility Formidable presents when building a directory site. And star rating is not the only option you have for ratings.

star rating

Rating scale

How does the rating scale work? It has a set of radio buttons with numbers. Users select the button they want with the corresponding number they would like to give for a score. Therefore, you can give your audience the power to rate anything on your listings. The rating is usually on a scale.

At the same time, you can maintain an average score as per user ratings. Bear in mind that you can display the form data you collect in whichever way using the Formidable Views feature.

business directory software - rating scale

Create your own rating system

In case the traditional star rating or scale no longer interests you, there are other possibilities. Go on and create the rating system that excites you. In a recent tutorial on our blog, we made an emoji rating scale. So don’t limit yourself to the star and scale ratings. Explore your creativity!

You can use the Replace radio buttons with images feature. Enjoy the simplicity and fun.

A suite of powerful directory listings features

Undoubtedly, the detailed features we’ve covered in this article paint a clear picture of Formidable if you’ve been following keenly. Choosing Formidable as your ultimate WordPress directory plugin for your directory listing site is a safe bet.

You are well on course if you look to build an excellent site that is easy to manage.

Compatibility with Translation plugins

Formidable work well with two popular translation plugins for WordPress: the Polylang and WPML plugins. You can use either plugin with Formidable to create multilingual forms on your directory listing site.

It is possible to collect submitted listings in, say, English or Spanish, and list them in the two languages. Therefore, you can create a site in two languages at the same time. That boosts the odds of increasing your audience.

Formidable has RTL language support. That means you and your users don’t have to worry at all, no matter the language you prefer.

translations plugin

Integrates with different email platforms

Email is a common and powerful tool for communication world over. Your directory listing software should support popular email platforms. Formidable is compatible with email platforms like ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and more. You can use the added listings to create an email list.

business directory software - email platforms

Compatibility with CRM platform

Formidable integrates with CRMs like EngageBay CRM, Salesforce, and Hubspot. It makes it easy for you to build a more powerful directory.

Are you prepared for the definitive WordPress directory software?

There’s more to Formidable than we’ve covered in this article. You have the opportunity to explore the possibilities it presents. Take advantage of our Formidable 14-days with a 100% money-back guarantee. Try it out for and let us know what you think. We’ll give a full refund if the solution doesn’t live to your expectation. Let’s get started!

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