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One of the several ways to ensure that you are successful in the online world is to increase your conversion rate. After all, you need customers to sell your products to, right? To convert more, you need to first reach out to your potential clients and convince them.

The exit-intent technology has proved to work magic when it comes to increasing site conversions. If you haven’t thought about using this technology, this article will convince you otherwise. Read on for more about how the exit-intent popup works and how it will help you reach out and convert more.

What is Exit-Intent®?

The online world is quite competitive, and for anyone to click your website, he or she needs to be convinced that you have what you are looking for. An exit-intent popup displays on the screen when the visitor is about to leave the page. It is the last resort for reaching out and trying to convince visitors to convert, subscribe, or buy products on your website. The exit-intent popup is triggered by the visitor’s action when they are about to leave the site. This message displays right at the pivotal moment.

The argument is that popups just suck. But looking at what sucks more between an exit-intent popup and an abandoned site, you will see that an exit-intent for reaching out to new potential clients is much better. And that is how exit-intent technology works.

They might be annoying, but they drive in the numbers, not just numbers but huge numbers. Depending on how you will implement your exit-intent popup, you may recover half of abandoning visitors. If you are not using the exit intent technology on your website, you are losing a lot.

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Does an Exit-intent Popup Work?

As much as many people think that popups are annoying, they do work. Going by statistics, exit-intent technology works far better than any other popup out there to increase the conversion rate.

If you are not yet convinced, read on to understand the various exit-intent hacks you can use on your website to increase site traffic and conversions. Before exploring these useful exit-intent popup hacks, you first need to have the Pro version of the OptinMonster plugin installed on your website.

Make the Exit-intent Popup Personal

One mistake that most web owners make is creating generic popups that don’t feel like you address an individual but a crowd. To make your exit-intent popup work, you need to personalize it by including the visitor’s name on the message you are trying to pass along. Personalizing your exit-intent message makes the visitor feel special. It also shows that you are into solving his or her problems and not just to make money.

Use Personalized Referral Source

A customer is always happy when he or she knows that you are concerned. A personalized exit-intent makes the popup more friendly to the user. A great way to achieve this is by basing your referral source on personalization. The beauty of using the exit-intent technology is that it allows you to detect when a visitor is coming to your website from a specific domain. This feature is called referrer detection. You can customize your popup by personalizing the information.

Offer Upgraded Content

Another great tactic you can use to do your exit-intent work to your advantage is by offering your visitors upgraded content. This hack is meant to entice your abandoning visitors to have second thoughts about leaving. RazorSocial was able to increase their conversation rate by 520%, using this tactic. Contact upgrade refers to providing an in-depth version of your blog post.

Recommend Related Posts

Your website acts as your online storefront, whether you are running an e-commerce store or a publisher. The longer your visitors browse your content, the better. Sometimes it is just enough to reduce the bounce rate by increasing the dwell time on your website. Using your exit-intent popup to suggest other relevant material is a great way to entice your visitors into staying on your website longer. Remember to redirect them to related and relevant guest posts. Clicking away doesn’t always mean that your content is boring. Your visitor may get interrupted during the season by a social media notification or new email.

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Provide your Visitors Several Opinions

A big mistake that most web owners make is using popups that don’t necessarily address the customer’s plight. It is not their fault, though, as businesses have buyers with different personas. It’s only normal for each individual to act differently on offers. You may be offering the best ebook about how to make money online using apps. However, if most of your visitors have already mastered the art of online money making through apps, your popup becomes useless. Giving your visitors several options to choose what type of content they want is one way to get around this obstacle.

Insert a Progress Bar

The Zeigarnik Effect is a psychological phenomenon that compels peel to finish what they started. This term was introduced in the 20th century by Bluma Zeigarnik who was a Russian psychologist. A great way to ensure that your visitors complete what they started on your website is to include a progress bar. Just mention “incomplete action” in your popup, and they will feel compelled to finish the task.

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To make your business thrive, you have to use every available opportunity and resources to convince your prospects about your offers. If you are running a business website, the exit-intent technology is enough to double or even triple your conversion rate. Use it wisely and see how it pans out in your business.

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